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Yibo was deeply in love with Zhan. There is no day he spends without seeing Zhan. They took a backstreet relationship that was only they who know.

"How if our parents know about us being in a relationship?" asked Zhan one day when they were sitting next to the lake.

Yibo stuck his eyes on the calm surface of the lake. He turned to Zhan who was staring at him.

"We'll ask them to bless our relationship...!" said Yibo.

"What if they don't?" Zhan frowned because he knows that was impossible.

"Then we'll run away. Far away from them...!" replied Yibo.

"Where? " asked Zhan again.

"Somewhere far away. The place where there are no people who will judge us as sinners just because we love each other..." Yibo answered. He averted his eyes back to the lake.

Zhan sighed. He followed Yibo's eye's direction.

"Do you love me?" suddenly Yibo asked him.

Zhan turned against Yibo.

"Do you?" Zhan threw the same question to Yibo.

"You know the answer is I do. With all my heart...!" replied Yibo.

Zhan smiled. He leaned his head on Yibo's shoulder.

"I love you, too..." said Zhan.

Yibo smirked. He let Zhan leans on him and together they watch the wind that ripples on the surface of the water.

"NO WAY!!"

A man barged into the room where Yibo was being taken care of.

"Uncle Xiao...!" Yibo hissed.

The mid-aged man stood up in the center of the room and sharply stared at Yibo. Yibo lowered his head. Guilt still haunted him when he remembered that he's the one who made Zhan's condition worsen.

"Thank you for donating your heart to Zhan...!" Mr. Xiao spoke.

Yibo raised his head and stared at Mr. Xiao. There were sparks of hope in his eyes. But it disappeared instantly when he heard the man continued to speak.

"If you love Zhan, please leave him. Let him be our son. Because if you are trying to bring him back to you, he will lose us as his family... Gain your health somewhere else. Don't try to look for Zhan anymore. He'll never be yours...!" said Mr. Xiao sternly.

Yibo and the doctor gasped. They never expect that Zhan's father would say such things to someone who has saved his only son.

"I-I... I can't..." said Yibo, almost whispering.

"Then he'll lose us. And what can you give him? Your family also will be disowned you when they find out you still with Zhan...! With you, Zhan will suffer...!" said Mr. Xiao.

Yibo stared at Mr. Xiao with teary eyes. Mr. Xiao scoffed.

"Go! Leave Zhan! You don't deserve him...!" said Mr. Xiao again. Then he turned around and walked out of the room.

Yibo felt there are lightnings strike right to his heart and burnt it until only left the dark debris.

Zhan stretched his hands and his legs, then yawned. He glanced at his wristwatch. 12.45 AM. The storm has occurred more than five hours already and it still roaring fiercely.

"You can sleep in my room if you're tired. I will stay here..." said Yibo when he noticed that Zhan was dozing off.

"Uh? No. No... I'm not sleepy..." said Zhan. He rubbed his eyes and glanced at Yibo.

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