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Yibo was standing in front of Zhan's house door. His face was as pale as the wall in his house and his breath was panting as if he just ran to come there. Zhan yelped when Yibo pushed him into the house and closed the door. His shoulders are being grabbed by Yibo.

"Yi-Yibo...! Don't do this. Ru Shi is just went off...!" said Zhan.

"Do you still afraid she knows about us, Zhan? My time is not long enough to be with you...!" said Yibo. His voice was hoarse.

Suddenly Zhan stopped being weaker than Yibo, and he pushed Yibo hard on her chest.

"Quiet!" Zhan screamed.

Yibo was staggered a few steps backward. His grip on Zhan was off and he clutched his own chest. He stared at Zhan who looking at him fiercely.

"Don't you dare to talk rubbish! I'm in the way to get you matched heart! You won't go anywhere, Yibo!" shouted Zhan.

"Zhan... Chill, Babe...!" Yibo walked forward, hands extended to reach Zhan,

Zhan slapped Yibo's hands away when he tried to grab him again.

"If you're gonna break my heart again, you better don't appear in my life again! Do you come only to leave the broken heart which will never be healed??" Zhan screamed with tears rolled down his face.

"I will never dare to do that, Baby..." said Yibo. He pulled Zhan's hand and brings him into a hug.

"So, don't keep saying the thing which telling me as if you will go far far away....!" Zhan burst into a cry on Yibo's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry.... I'm sorry... I never think that it will hurt you so bad...." said Yibo. He stroked the back of Zhan's head. Sometimes he ruffled his hair gently.

Yibo pulled back and breaks the hug. He stared at Zhan and wiped Zhan's tear with his thumbs.

"I'm sorry...." Yibo hissed.

Zhan didn't reply. He only stared back at Yibo who gets paler. Suddenly Yibo staggered and almost fell down. Zhan quickly caught him and brought him to the couch.

"Your heart works too much.... Don't say a thing anymore....!" Said Zhan.

Yibo smiled. He extended his hand and caressed Zhan's cheek. A single tear rolling from the corner of his eye.

"I love you...." Yibo whispered.

"I said don't say anything! Don't speak!" Cried Zhan. He caught Yibo's hand from his face and holds it.

Yibo closed his eyes. His face and his lips turned paler. The pain snuck and crept into his chest. It stung and then suddenky as if there is a hand pulling his heart out.

"Wait here! Don't move!"

Zhan got up,makes Yibo opens his eyes to see Zhan ran to a room. He heard Zhan was talking. Maybe he's calling someone through the phone. A moment later, Zhan came back with packs of medication. He threw the medicines on the table, then he ran to take a glass of water.

"Here! Take these! They will lessened the pain and give you a little stabling heart rates temporary while we wait the ambulance. I don't have my car right now...!" Said Zhan, shoving the pills into Yibo's mouth.

Yibo opened his mouth and took the medicines. He pushed the pills into his throat with the water. Zhan tried to manage his nervousness and be professional. But as a lover, he was scared to death seeing Yibo was dying before his eyes.

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