Would He Be Taken Away?

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Zhan sent Yibo and Qeng Shan to the gate.

"Nah! We're here!" Said Zhan, turns to Yibo. He slipped his hand out from Yibo's and Qeng Shan's hands.

But Yibo quickly grabbed his hand. Zhan startled. He pulled his hand but Yibo tightened his grip.  Zhan showing his gritted teeth to Yibo and hissed.

"Let go...." Hissed Zhan under his breath, afraid if Qeng Shan hears him.

"Can we go fishing?" Asked Yibo.

"What?" Zhan flinched. Yibo knew very well that Zhan never go for fishing. Err... Neither Yibo.

Zhan stared at Yibo in confusion.

"Since when you are fishing?" Asked Zhan.

"We always do that, ma?" Yibo frowned.

"What? When,?" Zhan had no clue what Yibo was talking about. As he remembered, they never go for fishing. They don't even know how to fish.

Yibo smirked mischievously. They looked at each other.

"Ohh.... Lord...." the sound of Qeng Shan muttering turned their attention.

Qeng Shan shook her head and lowered it while touching her forehead in embarrassment.

"What?" Scowled Zhan.

Qeng Shan raised her head and grinned awkwardly.

"Nothing!" She cried.

"I know you know something! Did he ever go fishing in America?" Asked Zhan.

"What? No! He only go fishing in Beijing!" Said Qeng Shan, chuckled.

Zhan turned to Yibo who still grinning.

"Do you?" Zhan asked Yibo.

"With you only....!" Replied Yibo.

Zhan flinched. He just gets what Yibo means.

"Pervert!" Zhan huffed.

"Enough! Stop teasing him. It's not the time. Let's go home!" Qeng Shan grabbed Yibo's hand.

"Does he know?" Asked Zhan, hesitantly.

"I know what you did in the basement. Let's go!" Said Qeng Shan. She giggled and dragged Yibo to go away from the party.

Yibo still kept his eye on Zhan. He mouthed a "good night" to Zhan. Zhan smiled and waved his hand. Then he turned around to go back to the party.

"Where's Ru Shi?" Asked Zhan when he didn't see Ru Shi around.

"She puts A Fei to sleep. He looks very tired....!" Replied his mother.

"Oh...." Zhan mumbled. He grabbed a drink.

"Do you miss him?" Asked his mother.

Zhan stopped drinking his drink and turned to his mother.

"Who? A Fei?" Zhan was clueless.

"Your lover....!" Replied Mrs. Xiao.

"Ru Shi? I just danced with her, ma?" Zhan chuckled.

"Not her, Silly! She's your wife, not your lover...!" Mrs. Xiao hit Zhan's arm.

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