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Qeng Shan tried to call Ru Shi, but she got no answer. She wanted to tell about her discovery about their husbands. To her, it was kind of a relief that finally she finds out who Yibo actually. Now, he won't repeated the question inside her head about "why can't Yibo loves her back?". It simply answered, because Yibo doesn't like women, he likes men. Well, a certain man because she never seen Yibo has an interest to the other men when he was in the US. But she thought if Ru Shi finds out, sje was worried about her acception.

Qeng Shan pulled over in front of the shopping center building and parked her car in the building's car park. She climbed down and locked her car before walk elegantly into the shopping center. She dropped at a bakery's and takes a look of the pastry inside the glass display shelf. He bought a piece.of pastry and walked out of the bakery's while munching her pastry.

She walked to the lift to go to the upper storey where the salon she wants to visit is. When she passed by a grocery shop, she saw Ru Shi who just came out of the cashier. Her smile arose.

"Ru Shi!" She called the woman and waved her hand.

Ru Shi who heard her turned to her and flashes a glare that showing she was unhappy seeing the other woman. She looked away and walked out of the supermarket, but never goes to Qeng Shan's direction. Qeng Shan frowned. But she didn't fail to chase after Ru Shi.

"Ru Shi!" She called again when she got near to her and grabbed Ru Shi's elbow.

"Don't touch me!" Ru Shi shouted, earned the attention from the other mall's visitors . But Ru Shi seemed to not care about it.

Qeng Shan herself was surprised by Ru Shi's unexpected response. She stared at Ru Shi while gulps the saliva.

"Ru Shi? What's the matter?" Asked Qeng Shan.

"Don't talk to me anymore!" Hissed Ru Shi.

"What? But why? Aren't we friends?" Qeng Shan was confused.

"Not anymore!" Snarled Ru Shi.

"Ru Shi? What happened? Why suddenly you say these?' Asked Qeng Shan, really confused.

"I don't befriend a woman who already slept with my husband!" Said Ru Shi. Her voice somehow she raise it up purposely.

Qeng Shan gasped. People who pass by or stand near them glanced at Qeng Shan. Some are whispered to their colleagues.

"Ru Shi... Who told you this? You're misunderstand....!" Said Qeng Shan.

"Isn't it clear, Luo Qeng Shan? I know we have a deal! But are you really able to sleep with your f friend's husband? I was trying with Yibo, but I can't! Because I thought about you and Zhan!"

"No, Ru Shi! You're wrong!'

"I'm not! I saw Zhan came back with sin smell! So what else can I think?? Wow, Qeng Shan! You look fresher and happier after you had sex with my husband! Is he the first man who took your virginity?"

"But I didn't...-"

"Enough! I don't want to hear anymore! Don't talk to me anymore!"

Ru Shi sent a glare at Qeng Shan before she walks away. Now left Qeng Shan who stunned and watched her left. She didn't bother of there are people who give her a dirty look and started to talk about her for being an unfaithful friend.


Yibo was having his therapy with his doctor, Xiao Zhan, of course.

"Do you feel any progress in your heart?" asked Zhan.

"Yeah.... I think I have found my other half...." replied Yibo. He couldn't stop staring at Zhan.

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