First Day

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On a bright sunny Saturday morning, Zhan was spending his time at the porch reading the weekend's newspaper after having breakfast. His son, A Fei was playing with his puppy in the yard newly bought by his father for his 4th birthday.

"Honey, I'm going for grocery. Can you look after A Fei? I don't want to bring him along today...!" Ru Shi, his wife came and talked to him.

Zhan turned his attention from the newspaper to his wife. Then, he glanced at A Fei who was thriled playing with his puppy.

"Ok. No problem," replied Zhan.

Ru Shi smiled. She went back to the house to grab her purse.

"Honey! Can you buy for me the rice noodle soup?" asked Zhan when Ru Shi was opening the car door.

"Sure!" replied Ru Shi.

"Mama! Where are you going?" cried A Fei, ran to his mummy. Niji, his puppy ran after him.

"Mama needs to buy some grocery, Darling...!" said Ru Shi.

"Ok!" said A Fei.

Ru Shi gasped. She glanced at her husband who sniggering. It was the first time Fei Hong didn't want to tag her along to the supermarket. Usually, he would very clingy to his mother when she told him that she wants to go for grocery.

"I can't go with you, Mama... Because they won't allow Niji to enter the supermarket...!" said Fei Hong.

Ru Shi smiled. She crouched down to kiss the boy's head before he ran to play with the puppy again.

"It's not wasted you bought him a puppy...!" commented Ru shi to Zhan.

"Pet is the men's best buddy...!" replied Zhan,.proud.

Ru Shi smiled. Then she climbed into the car and drove away.

Zhan continued his reading while sometimes glance and watch his little boy who was playing and rolling on the grass with his puppy. Zhan smiled watching the little boy. He's been married to Ru Shi for 6 years already. She was his crush in the university and went for a date two years later after they live their relationship as friends. He loves his wife so much. Ru Shi is a beautiful woman with a sift feature and has a kind heart. She loves to be his wife and live her life as a stay-home mum after gave birth to Fei Hong.

The sound of the engine roaring closer to their house, interrupted the peaceful morning in the neighborhood. Zhan turned his attention to the sound. Fei Hong ran to the french and stands behind it to see what is coming.

A moment later, there were big trucks coming near to their house. Zhan stood up from his seat and standd by the reeling on the porch. He looked at the truckd that gliding on the road, passing by their house. From the name that pasted on the trucks was telling him that they got a new neighbor.

"Papa! Who is moving into that house?" asked Fei Hong, turned to his daddy.

"Which house?" asked Zhan to his son.

"The house over there!' replied Fei Hong, pointed at a direction.

Zhan stepped down to the yard and walked to his son. From behind the french, he tilted his head to see where the trucks stop by.

The trucks stopped by a house, five blocks away from their house, on the other side of the road.

'Ohh... That house. I remember...." Zhan mumbled.

He wondered, how can the new house owner never did the renovation before they move in? He remembers that the house was left by the previous owner about 9months ago. Maybe the house is still ok and the new owner doesn't want to waste money for the minor renovation, Zhan thought.

"Papa! Let's go play with Niji!" cried Fei Hong, tugging on Zhan's t-shirt.

Zhan frowned looked at the little boy.

"Papa is tired, A Fei...!" declined Zhan.

"You never do anything the whole morning, Papa...! How can be you're tired?" Fei Hong makes a protest.

"I did the hard work last night..." Zhan muttered.

"What hard work did you do, Papa? Until you still tired?" asked Fei Hong.

Zhan cringed at his son's question.

"Fine, fine... Let's play with Niji...!" said Zhan, half grumbling. He pushed the little boy's back to go ahead.

A moment later, he was playing with the puppy and his son. They seemed to have a good time together. Running, laughing, rolling. Their relationship was very close and harmonious. Zhan loves his son so much, more he loves his wife. He fainted when the doctor passed him the baby this arms. He told Ru Shi that the baby looked like pinkish, the mouse baby, and he was terrified of the newborn mouse babies.

About twenty minutes they have been played in the yard, there was a black SUV car passing by their house. The neighborhood was an elite house complex that rarely passed by the common vehicles except for the garbage trucks and the contractor's lories who have the works in the area. So, when there are vehicles pass by, they will know if the vehicles are new around the area.

Zhan who was rolling on the grass with Fei Hong and Niji on the grass stopped playing and sat down on the grass, scanning the car that comes to pass by his house. The front car's windows were rolled down, so he could see clearly who are inside the car. There are a woman and a man. The woman was the one who sits behind the wheel, while the man was sitting and scanning the residence.

Zhan kept looking at the people inside the car, and he more focused on watching the man instead of a beautiful woman beside him. The man has a fine feature with fair skin. However, he seems to not look so friendly read by how cold his expression was.

Zhan was engrossed enjoying the scenery inside that car until he flinched when the man turned his face and looked at him who was looking at him. Zhan smiled at the man to cover his nervousness caught red-handed watching the man, even though he feels his smile would look awkward. The man didn't return his smile, but he keeps looking at Zhan until his car succeeded in passing by Zhan's house.

"Who is that, Papa?" Fei Hong asked, snapped him from his own passion.

"Huh?" Zhan turned to the little boy.

"Why do you keep looking at each other with that uncle?" asked Fei Hong.

"I did... I didn't! why are you saying we looking at each other?" Zhan denied.

"I saw you, Papa...! I'll tell Mama...!" the boy smiled teasingly at his Dad.

"Naughty boy! I did nothing wrong, ma? What do you want to tell her?" Zhan scowled.

"I'll tell Mama that you like the new neighbor...!" replied Fei Hong.

"What is wrong if I like the neighbor? we're not going for a date, Ma?"

"What Is date, Papa?" The boy stared at his father. " Oh! It's fruit! Right, Papa?" He grinned.

Zhan stared at his son in disbelieve. Now he realized that he can't say any words that cross in his mind in front of this curious boy. He will never stop asking.

"Haiyaa...! Never mind! Let's go take a shower before Mama comes back home...!" said Zhan, pushing the boy into the house.

"Can I bath with Niji?" asked Fei Hong.

"No! We bathe him separately. Let's give him a shower first, then we can bathe after that...!" said Zhan.

Fei Hong jumped and giggled. He took the puppy and carried him to the backyard to give him a bath.

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