Learn To Accept

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Yibo dropped Zhan in front of his house.

"I'll get the umbrella for you...!" said Yibo, crouching down to the backseat.

He passed a black umbrella to Zhan.

"Thanks...!" said Zhan.

"Do you want me to send you to the porch?" asked Yibo.

"No need. I can by myself from here...!" replied Zhan.

Zhan opened the door, but Yibo grabbed his hand. Zhan turned around.

"What happened?" asked Zhan, staring at the other man.

Yibo didn't answer. He raised his other hand instead and placed it on Zhan's chest, on his heart.

"Always keep this heart with you. Don't ever break it...!" said Yibo.

Zhan furrowed his brows, feels strange with Yibo's words. Then he thinks about Yibo also has a cardiac problem as his.

"About your disease... How could you get it? Since when? I thought your heart was healthy...!" asked Zhan.

Yibo retrieved his hand from Zhan's chest and let go of Zhan's hand. He leaned his back on the backrest.

"I.... I didn't know if I have heart disease until I moved to the US..." Yibo mumbled.

"Why did you leave me when I needed you the most?" asked Zhan, demanding the answer.

Yibo turned and stared at Zhan with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry... When doctor told me that you won't be able to recognize me as you got a permanent amnesia,... That time I was thinking that maybe it was the time for us to listen what our parents want us to be. I was lost hope that you'll listen to your parents' voice than mine since I'm not allowed to see you...!" answered Yibo.

Zhan stunned. He stared at Yibo. Then he heaved a sigh.

"I won't blame you..." Zhan sighed. His eyes stuck on the road.

"If I were you, maybe I'd do the same..." he continued. He turned again to Yibo and smiled faintly.

Yibo returned the smile hurtfully. He touched Zhan's hand and squeezed it gently.

"I'm going inside first...!" said Zhan.

Yibo nodded. Zhan pursed his lips. He didn't want to leave YIbo. Not yet. If it was when they were young, he'd choose to stay with the man. But now everything has changed. He has a wife and a son who waiting for him in the house.

Zhan opened the door and opened the umbrella. He climbed down the car and quickly slammed the door shut to prevent the rainwater get inside the car. He stood there for a while, looking into the car and saw Yibo moved his head, asking him to go inside the house.

Zhan sighed. He walked to the fence and opened the gateway. He continued to walk and never look back. He knew if he looks back, he'll miss Yibo more. And it won't look good for his marriage.

Only when he reached the door, he turned around and found Yibo had drove off. His car head lights breaking the downpour, lit up the shiny black road to lead him the way. And he was right. He felt he wants to cry when he saw Yibo left. He missed the old days when they are still together and freely meet, when their relationship hasn't been exposed.

Zhan twisted the doorknob and pushed it opened. The door never locked. Zhan left the umbrella down the porch, then he entered the house. The first thing he wanted to do was go to his son's room to see him sleeping. Whenever he felt uneasy, he will always go to his son's room and watching him sleeping. It gave him the peace of mind. That's why he loves him so much.

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