When The light Goes Down

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Inside the bathroom, Zhan stood in front of the mirror.He looked at his face with puffing cheeks. Then, he burst it out.

"What the heck am I doing out there?" he asked himself.

He shook his head and blew the breath out. He turned on the faucet and lets the water running down from the tap. He stared at the water.

"I can't even seeing her comes closer to me. How will I do it with her? I can't even feel good with my own wife..."

Zhan heaved a long sigh. Then he splashed the water on his face. He turned off the faucet and looked into the mirror again. He saw his wet face with droplets hanging on his chin and finally drop into the basin.

"Yibo... But I really enjoy Yibo's kiss... It was so familiar to me. It's not like when I kissed with Ru Shi. It was deeper than that...."

Zhan stretched his body and dries his face with a clean towel that prepared by Qeng Shan. And everything turned black out.

"Eh?" Zhan was surprised.

""Xiao Zhan! I think the power tripped again!" Qeng Shan's voice sounded from outside of the bathroom.

Zhan walked by touching the wall to get to the door. When he found the door, his hands rummaged on the wooden plank and reached the knob. He immediately twisted it and open the door. There was a small light from the direction of the bed. Guess it was the light from Qeng Shan's phone. He could see the glimpse of Qeng Shan sitting down on the bed.

"I'll check the power box first!" said Zhan.

"Do you know where is it?" asked Qeng Shan.

"Yeah! I know. Last time got power tripped, too when it was stormy. I need the torchlight...!" said Zhan.

"Wait. I get it for you..." said Qeng Shan.

She moved from the bed and bends in front of the small console table near the room door and opened the drawer. She took a small torchlight out and turns it on.

"Still working. Here!" said Qeng Shan, pointed it out to Zhan.

Zhan took the torchlight and walked to the door.

"I'll accompany you...!" said Qeng Shan.

"No. You stay here. Don't go anywhere. I'll take care of it by myself. Go back to the bed...!" declined Zhan.

"Would you be okay?" asked Qeng Shan.

"It's ok. I'll be fine...!" replied Zhan.

"OK, then...!" Qeng Shan nodded.

"Closed and lock the door...!" said Zhan.

Qeng Shan nodded.

After Zhan left the room, Qeng Shan closed and locked the door. She walked back to the bed, playing with her handphone. She wondered what is going on with Ru Shi and Yibo right now. Does Yibo enjoying sex with Ru shi since he has interest in Ru Shi?

Thinking about it, Qeng Shan only able to heave a painful sigh. She didn't even kissed by Zhan. He ran when she came closer to him. Qeng Shan let out a dry chuckle and shook her head.

Meanwhile, Zhan was heading to the basement. The torchlight lit up the way that leads Zhan to the basement. He opened the door to the basement. Carefully, he climbed down the steps.

"Holy Buddha... Why do I come here alone? I supposed to let Qeng Shan accompany me. Here is so dark and spooky..." Zhan grumbled to himself.

He walked to where the power box located. His heart was thumping loudly as he imagine the horror and thriller movies that involved the basement.Suddenly something bumped into his leg.

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