Falling Apart

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A patient room in a hospital seemed so quiet. The patient was asleep in the bed. There was only the sound from the devices reading the life of the patient. There was no one allowed to accompanying or visiting the patient, except for the in-charge doctors and nurses who checking his condition regularly.

A nurse came into the room. She checked the patient's condition, the ECG machine and the infusion tube that giving the patient the fluids to stay survived.

"His heart's rate weakened.... Where os Dr. Xiao?"

The nurse thought to herself. She gave an injection through the infusion cable. She wrote the report in a thin stack of paper she brought along. Before she left the room, she stared at the patient's face. Then she sighed. She walked to the door.

But before she even reached the door, she gasped and snapped her head back. She heard the device that reading the patient's heartbeats stopped counting and signalling a flat sound. She ran back to the bed and rechecked the patient's condition. Then she checked the medical devices, too, to make sure there is nothing wrong with them.

"Oh, Dear Lord...."

She pressed the panic button on a panel on top of the bed to call help. Then she tried what she could to give him the first aid. She removed the oxygen tube on the patient's mouth, then she does the CPR.

"Mr. Wang! Don't go first! You have to wait for Dr. Xiao!" Cried the nurse while pressing the patient's chest to bring him back.

"Mr. Wang! Everyone knows who you are to Dr. Xiao! We support you! So hang on there! Dr. Xiao is coming back soon!" The nurse ranted.

There was a bang on the door when it flings open. Some paramedics came with the push cart. One of them was an in charge doctor. He shoved the nurse to the side.

"Bring him to the operation room!" He shouted.

The male nurses who came with him lifted the patient and moved him to the cart then they pushed him out.

"We still can't get the matching heart for him, Doc!" The other male nurse informed the doctor.

The doctor stared at the nurse,.then he turned to the female nurse.

"Call Xiao Zhan! Hurry up!" Commanded the doctor to her.

The nurse nodded frantically. She took out her handphone from her uniform and dialed a number. The doctor and the male nurse ran out, following the patient who escaped to the operation theater earlier.


Zhan ran back to the hospital where he left Ru Shi. But he didn't go there to find Ru Shi. He needed to get to the doctor who was in charge in Qeng Shan's operation earlier. He ran to the nurse at the receptionist table.

"Miss! Who is the doctor in charge on the crashed victim surgery?" asked Zhan with a panting breath.

"Who is the patient?" asked the nurse.

"Qeng Shan! Luo Qeng Shan! replied Zhan.

"Wait a sec..." said the nurse, checking on the report documents.

Zhan waited agitatedly.  He tapped his fingers on the table impatiently.

"Here it is. Dr. Koh Yun Fat. His office is at  the fourth floor unit 04-123...!" said the nurse.

"Thank you~!" without waiting for anymore time, Zhan ran to the lift.

He ran in the corridor on the fourth floor of the hospital which is the offices to look for the office Dr. Koh Yun Fat. It didn't take a long journey to him. The office was located a few units away from the lift.

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