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Zhan laid down on a bed with eyes shut. Beside him was his mother sitting down, holding Zhan's hand. Mrs.Xiao's face expressed a deep sadness, shown by her swollen eyes. She caressed Zhan's hand.

The door opened. There was Mr. Xiao came into the room. Mrs. Xiao turned to see him.

"How is he?" asked Mr. Xiao.

"Still unconscious..." Mrs. Xiao replied with a mumble.

Mr. Xiao heaved a sigh. He starred at his only son's face, his hand squeezed his wife's shoulder softly.

"You're not supposed to force him to forget the things he needs to remember. Because Yibo is his soulmate. He carries Yibo's heart within him...." said Mrs. Xiao.

"I just want my son to live a normal life..." Mr. Xiao replied after silent for while. "Zhan is our only child. I want him to continue our generation..."

"But what impact he has to get now? Life destruction. Yibo came back to claim him back, and now he's on the death bed. Ru Shi ended her life because she is unable to bare the pain for Zhan's rejection. Who is suffering now? Zhan! Our only child! And now he has to raise his child without a mother. Can you imagine how he would be facing his life alone?" Mrs. Xiao snapped.

"Stop blaming me! I regret all my mistake in the past!" Mr.Xiao shouted.

"Your regret is too late now. Zhan has lost everything now...!" said Mrs. Xiao.

"No," mumbled Mr. Xiao.

"No? What do you mean no?" Mrs. Xiao retorted.

"He still has his son. He still has us, his parents...." Mr. Xiao paused. "And he still has his lover...." he mumbled.

"His lover is dying now!"

"He will survived. I have called Ru Shi's parents...!" said Mr. Xiao.

"What does it related to our in-law? They know nothing about Yibo...!" asked Mrs. Xiao.

"They allow us to give her heart to Yibo..." replied Mr. Xiao.

Mrs. Xiao gasped.

"Don't be ridiculous...!" Mrs. Xiao snorted without humor.

"I'm not! Ru Shi's parents has handed over the affirmation letter to the hospital. The letter is not arrive yet, though. But I've talked to them, that Ru Shi's heart matches to someone who needs the heart transplant in a hospital in Beijing. And I told them that the patient is my cousin's son...!" said Mr.Xiao.

"Dou Zi! What madness again is it??" Mrs. Xiao got up from her seat.

"I can't tell them that the one who needs her heart is Zhan's lover, right? They already blaming Zhan who had neglected her and makes her end her life!"

"But if they find out, the worse thing will happen!"

"They won't know!"

"How do you know? Like you did to Zhan! You lied to him about the donor. And what happened now? In the end he knows everything! And he has to pay so much for the mistake you did in the past!"

"I just want Zhan to be happy! And I want to apologize to him!"

"By making another lie?"

"Zan Jie..." Mr. Xiao grabbed her wife's shoulder to calm her down.

"Stop it!" Mrs. Xiao avoided Mrs. Xiao's hands.

She glared at her husband.

"If you're not gonna clear this up, then I will!" said Mrs. Xiao sternly.

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