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The storm still kept going on. The people inside the shopping center still crowded in worries. Many times the storm came up and hit the hit proof glass doors that surrounding the building. The sound of kids and babies cried, the people screamed and cursed diluted in every gasp of the wind that roaring outside.

Between those people, there were Qeng San and Ru Shi who hugging Fei Hong tightly.

"When will the storm be over?" Qeng Shan said with a worried tone.

"The weather predictors said maybe by 3 in the morning...!" A man who stands next to them replied.

"Oh, dear...." Ru Shi mumbled. She glanced at Fei Hong who seems to sleep in her arms.

Qeng Shan stroke Ru Shi's back to comfort her.

"I wish Zhan will stay in your house instead of going home...!" Said Ru Shi, looking at Qeng Shan.

"I think he's with Yibo now. Don't worry...!" Replied Qeng Shan, smiles at Ru Shi.

"Yeah... Hopefully, they'll feel comfortable with each other. Zhan always says that Yibo always ignores him and never wants to smile...!" Ru Shi said. She chuckled and looks at her son's sleeping face. She remembered how Fei Hong told her about Zhan's effort to make Yibo smile and fails.

Qeng Shan stared at Ru Shi who watching on her son. She smiled faintly when she remembers that she caught Yibo was staring at Ru Shi and seems to observe her. And she remembered how Yibo's face was delighted when he ran downstairs to welcome her.

"Why every man always attracted to Ru Shi? Even now Yibo? What does she has that I don't? " Qeng Shan thought to herself.

"Don't you worry about your husband?" Asked Ru Shi, brought Qeng Shan back to her sense.

"Uh? He... 'll be alright...!" Replied Qeng Shan.

"What? How can you only say that? He's your husband and he's very hot!" Ru Shi giggled.

Qeng Shan smiled wryly.

"Tell me! Is he good in bed?" Ru Shi whispered and nudged Qeng Shan's hand.

"Ahh...!" Qeng Shan was taken aback. She smiled nervously. She looked uncomfortable with Ru Shi's question.

Ru Shi watched Qeng Shan's behavior which she thinks strange because to her, she's not supposed to look nervous and shy if she asks her such a question. Qeng Shan knew her for years a few years back, she can say they are old friends and their age are mature enough to talk about it.

"Qeng Shan? What happened?" Ru Shi asked when Qeng Shan seems confused to answer.

Qeng Shan turned to Ru Shi and smiled. Still wryly. Then her smile dropped into a frown.

"I haven't done it with Yibo..." Said Qeng Shan finally after she gathered her guts to say it out.

"What?" Ru Shi was surprised.

Qeng Shan looked away.

"But why? Don't you married him based on love?" Asked Ru Shi. She placed one of her hands on Qeng Shan's.

"Yes. I love him.," Answered Qeng Shan, turns back to Ru Shi, then she added: " But I'm not sure about Yibo's feeling to me..."

"Do you mean...?"

"I and Yibo married based on our parents' arrangement...!"

"Aahh... I see...!" Ru Shi bobbed her head. " But does he really never touch you?" Ru Shi asked again.

Qeng Shan shook her head.

"But did he kiss you? Didn't he?"

Qeng Shan shook her head again.

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