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Zhan got up from the floor helped by Yibo.

"Eh, Wang Yibo! Please warn me next time if you want to tell a joke...?" Zhan grumbled.

"I'm not joking...!" Replied Yibo.

Zhan stared at Yibo.

"My diseased heart that saying it...!" Yibo added.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Zhan laughed sarcastically. "Your joke is really not funny....!" He glared at Yibo.

Zhan sat back on his chair.

"What happened to your hand?" Asked Yibo when he noticed that Zhan's knuckles are reddened.

Zhan glanced at his hand then he covered it with his other hand.

"Uh... No-nothing!" Zhan smiled sheepishly.

Yibo curt a nod, didn't want to ask any further. He's back to his chair when Zhan ushers him to sit again.

"So? So far, is there any progress on your heart, Mr. Wang?" Asked Zhan, back to the topic. He opened Yibo's health document.

"Yeah," replied Yibo.

"Since when is it?" Asked Zhan again, ready with his pen.

"Since I met you," replied Yibo.

Zhan stabbed his pen on the paper. Then he raised his head and looked at Yibo sternly, hus nostrils expand and anger.

"Come on, Wang Yibo! It's not the time to joke around...!" Zhan scolded Yibo.

"Ok," said Yibo.

"What ok?" Zhan scowled.

"No joking around," replied Yibo.

Zhan frowned. He turned his attention on the file again.

"I thought you don't like me since you always look at me as if you see an enemy..." Zhan mumbled.

Yibo silent. He looked at Zhan who checking his file.

"Hey! I see here that you need a heart transplant last year...!" Said Zhan. He raised his head and looked at Yibo.

"Yes," Yibo answered shortly.

"Did you do this?" Asked Zhan.

"No," replied Yibo.

"Why?" Asked Zhan.

"No heart matches mine...!" Answered Yibo.

"Oh!" Was mumble Zhan. He looked down again on the sheet. "I see here your heart got failed to pump the blood vessel which made you experienced a temporary paralyzed. For how long?"

"Four months."

Zhan closed the file and stared at Yibo.

"You're really suffering, Wang Yibo...!" Commented Zhan.

"No. I'm fine," declined Yibo.

"No! You are not!' Zhan raised his voice.

Yibo silent. He didn't try to argue with the doctor, but his eyes gaze sharply at Zhan.

"Is this the reason why you behave like now? So arrogant and proud?" Asked Zhan.

"I'm not proud. I'm just reserved...." Replied Yibo.

Zhan turned away and flushed the breath. Then he turned back to Yibo.

"I know you're reserved. I also reserved for my wife only. But this is not good for your heart to distance yourself because of your illness, Yibo....!" Said Zhan.

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