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Zhan had his face sweating. His breath was panting, sometimes grunts escaped from his mouth. His face was reddened and his mouth shut tightly with teeth clenched. Under him was Ru Shi was in a moaning mess.

"Argh! I... Can't!" Zhan growled while threw himself to the side, sliding off from the top of Ru Shi's bare body.

Zhan laid on his back, staring at the ceiling breath still pants. Next to him, Ru Shi turned to him, covered her naked body with the blanket.

"What happened?" Asked Ru Shi. She caressed Zhan's cheek.

Zhan turned to look at Ru Shi.

"I'm sorry... But I can't...." Said Zhan with a hoarse voice.

Ru Shi propped her head on her hand, looking at Zhan.

"It's very unusual. You never been like this before. You always full of stamina...!" Said Ru Shi.

"Maybe I'm too tired...." Replied Zhan.

He rubbed his face then sat up. He grabbed his pyjamas and put it on. He got off of the bed and walked away to the bathroom. Ru Shi kept watching him. Suspicious written all over her face.

It's been a month since Ru Shi felt Zhan started to avoid her. Last time, they always do the intercourse at least three to five days in a week. But lately, Zhan seemed to lose interest in doing sex with Ru Shi. He only did about two days in a week,and even this week he only does it once, and it took so long for Zhan to get his climax and again sometimes Zhan seems to not get his satisfactory.

Here, Ru Shi felt useless as a wife. She thought she is not attractive anymore and this thing makes Zhan started to turn away. She thought she was unable to make her husband stays happy.

Zhan came out from the bathroom. He picked Ru Shi's pyjamas and brings them to the bed. He helped Ru Shi to put on the top and gave the bottom to Ru Shi, asked her to put it on by herself. Ru Shi took the short pyjama and looked at Zhan with a dejected expression.

"Go to sleep now...." Said Zhan, pushed Ru Shi's messy hair to the back and kissed the top of her head.

Ru Shi didn't reply. She still with her pouting face. Zhan sighed. He turned to the exit.

"Where are you going?" Asked Ru Shi.

Zhan halted. He turned around and looked at his wife.

"I'm going to see A Fei. If you're tired, you can go to sleep first....!" Zhan answered.

And without waiting for Ru Shi's answer, he walked out of the room. He closed the door again, leaving Ru Shi who was in the verge of crying.

Actually Zhan felt guilty to Ru Shi, but he couldn't help it. He lost his desire to make love with Ru Shi and he thinks he was to blame. He couldn't wipe away of Yibo's face in his mind. He felt he knows Yibo for along time and there were so much thingd going on between them, but Zhan couldn't figure out what it is.

He was concern he has lost partial of memory and it never restored even he has tried so hard to remember it, and when he asked the family to help him, they always decline his wish .

"Let bygone be bygone. Not everything has to be remembered. Sometimes you need to erase the memory that make you feel bad...."  Was his father's told him.

He sat on Fei Hong's bed. He stared at the boy's face who has a peaceful sleep. He stroke the boy's head gently.

"I feel so suffocating, trying to remember what I left behind. Why now it comes again after I erased it? I'm sure Yibo is a part of my past that I have forgotten. But who is he? He also doesn't want to tell me. Why did he kiss me? And why I never reject it? I enjoyed it so much, instead...."

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