Story Behind The Storm

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Night was darker than usual. The fierce wind beats anything that coming its way. The roads are wet and glistening by the the rainwater brought along by the angry wind that rolling down from the sky and swept the ground. The trees bent over, bowed to the Nature that shown its almighty. Some of the things  on the ground floated into the air, dragged forcefully by the wind against their will. The streets are empty.

There was an old building, looks like a house but it's not worth to call as a house, since its white wall has turned black eaten up by age, hanging on every surface. The green algae crawling up created the cracks on the wall. A wood rotten plank called door shaken by the wind that tried to crash on it, the porous windows flew in and out whenever the wind hit on it. In front of the house, sheltered by the thin metal roof that also making a loud noise when the wind plays with it, there is a skinny motorbike. It wasn't rusty, but looks old.

"When the storm will be over?" A male voice sounded inside the dark old lonely house that distanced from the residential area.

"Soon...." The other male voice replied.

There were two teenage boys, still in their school uniforms.

"I'm scared...." The 1st boy spoke with a small voice. He was sitting on the cold and dirty floor, hugging his knees. His face shown that he was terrified.

The other boy shifted his sitting position, closer to the first boy.

"I'm here...." He said, wrapped his hands over the first boy's shoulder.

The first boy dropped his head on the second boy's shoulder. The second boy turned his face to the first boy's head and sniffing the other boy's damped hair.

"Yibo?" The first boy called the other boy's name.

"Hm?" Replied the second boy.

"Am I going to die?" Asked the first boy.

"Shut up! You'll be alright. What are you talking about?" The second boy scolded the other boy.

"My chest is pain...." Said the first boy.

The second boy raised his hunched back. He touched the other boy's chest. The other boy looked at him.

"Have the doctors found the heart donor for you?" asked the second boy.

The first boy shook his head weakly. The second boy pulled the other boy into a tight embrace. He stroked the boy's head.

"You'll be fine. I promise. You'll survive. You'll get a healthy heart to replace yours....!" said the second boy, convinced the other boy.

"Who'll give their healthy heart for the sick person like me?" the first boy scoffed.

"There'll be someone OK? You have to believe that, Zhan!" the second boy scolded the first boy again.

The first boy snuggled his face into the other boy's chest. He found security and comfort in there.

"Would you leave me?" asked the first boy.

"Never..." hissed the second boy.

"My parents don't like us together..."

"Neither mine..."

They were silent. The sound of the wind screaming in the air. The flame that burns up a candle, the only light that lighting the room swaying around and finally died down, blown by the wind that crept up into the room. The room became blackout. The first biy griped on the second boy's arm tightly.

"Yibo?" the first boy sounded.

"I'm here..." replied the second boy.

"Promise me that you'll marry a girl if I have to die...!"

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