Will You Love Me Back?

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Night has riped. The hospital has been left by the visitors hours ago. The night shift staff doing their errands and duties. The noise was lessened due to the patients who are having their rest in their rooms.

Zhan sat on the table in the hospital canteen. He played the paper cup that holding his coffee.

"Hey, Bro!" someone tapped hs shoulder.

Zhan looked up and found his fellow doctor pulling a chair and sat in front of him. Zhan curt a nod.

"We've tried to get the heart in other hospitals. They don't have any donor for now....!" said the doctor.

Zhan heaved a heavy sigh, makes it come out trembled.

"What's up? Why are so frustrated?" asked the doctor.

Zhan sent a light glare at the doctor.

"He's my patient...!" said Zhan, irritatedly.

"Yeah... He's your patient.But if we can't get a donor, what can we do? We are doctors, not God. Their family has to understand and don't put the blame on us!" said the doctor.

Again Zhan glared at the doctor, then he scoffed.

"Hey...! Who is he to you?" asked the doctor.

"None of your business....!" hissed Zhan. Then he got up and walked away.

The other doctor watched him off in awe.

Zhan walked in the empty corridor. His phone rang. He picked it up.

"Mom?" Zhan greeted the caller.

"Zhan, A Fei is in or house now. Ru Shi went to the hospital!" his mother informed him.

"Hospital? Which hospital?" asked Zhan, surprised and wonder if Ru Shi came to the hospital he is working at.

"She didn't tell me. She didn't tell me. Her friend got into an accident!"


"I don't know! She only told me to fetch A Fei in is friend's party because her best friend got a car accident!"

Zhan furrowed his brows, trying to guess who her friend is.

"Ok,Mom! I still need to do things in the hospital. Please, take care of A Fei!" said Zhan.

"Rest assured. He's fine with us!" replied his mother.

Zhan nodded. Then he cut the line after bid goodbye with his mother.

Thought about Ru Shi's friend. Zhan just remember about Qeng Shan. He realized he hasn't called her to inform her since Yibo arrived in the hospital. Lucky, he kept her number from Yibo's phone. So, he dialed her number.

Zhan waited agitatedly when his call never been picked up. First call, got no answer. So, he tried the second time.


Zhan flinched when he heard a male voice at the other end of the line until he has to pull the phone away from his ear and looked at it curiously.


The male through the phone voiced out again. Zhan quickly brought the phone back to his ear.

"Hello? Who is it? Where is Qeng Shan?" asked Zhan.

"Are you her family?" asked back the person on the phone.

"I'm his fried...!" replied Zhan.

"What is your name?"

"Xiao Zhan. And who are you? Why's her phone with you?"

"I'ma a police. Mr. Xiao Zhan, your friend, Qeng Shan is in crisis stage. Now she's in the hospital!"

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