Stand By You

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Qeng Shan sat in a restaurant. Her eyes darted on Ru Shi who keeps wiping her tears. Her eyes already swollen and nose reddened. She has stopped crying, but tears won't stop rolling down from her eyes. Qeng Shan pursed her lips into a thin line. She didn't know why suddenly Ru Shi calling her and asked to meet. But since she came and sat in front of Ru Shi, Ru Shi was only cry and cry and never say a word. She thought Ru Shi  still hates her for thinking that she has an affair with Zhan.

"Are you cool now?" asked Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi turned her eyes from the street to Qeng Shan. When she saw Qeng Shan who patiently waiting for her while she was crying, Ru Shi's tears which lessened, rolled down more again.

"Aigoo..." Qeng Shan sighed. She moved her seat to the side of Ru Shi and she hugged her.

"I-I'm so-sorrr.... Ryy...!" Ru Shi uttered her first words to Qeng Shan.

"It's okay.... Don't cry. Calm down and tell me what happened....!" said Qeng Shan. She stroke Ru Shi's head.

Ru Shi continued to cry. Qeng Shan only could let her cry as much as she wants for there is nothing she can do to stop her from crying. She felt awkward when people staring at their table. Maybe they wondered, why this lady keeps crying since they are sitting there for almost 15 minutes?

After a few minutes, Ru Shi seemed to get calmer. She pulled herself from Qeng Shan's hug. Qeng Shan looked at her.

"Are you okay now?" asked Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi nodded. Qeng Shan took Ru Shi's drink that hasn't been touched by Ru Shi. She passed it to Ru Shi. Ru Shi stared at Qeng Shan.

"I don't put anything inside it. Don't worry... Hemh?" said Qeng Shan, shoving the drink in front of Ru Shi, makes Ru Shi chuckle.

Slowly, Ru Shi accepted the drink and sucked it using a straw. She finished 2/3 of it. She gave the glass back to Qeng Shan. Qeng Shan took it and put it down on the table. Then she turned to Ru Shi and waited for Ru Shi to tell her the problem she has.

"I..." Ru Shi started to speak. She glanced at Qeng Shan who keeps staring at her.

Qeng Shan raised her brows, signalling Ru shi to keep go on talking. Ru Shi  was flustered. She turned her gaze to the table.

"I'm sorry..." said Ru Shi with a small voice.

"For what?" asked Qeng Shan.

"For... Angry with you. Doubting you...." replied Ru Shi.

Qeng Shan took a deep breath could be heard.

"I never lie to you, Ru Shi... I like Zhan. But it's not the same as I like Yibo. He's your husband. I won't take your husband away from you just because I couldn't get the love from the man I love...!" said Qeng Shan.

Ru Shi snapped her gaze at Qeng Shan. She looked at Qeng Shan sharply and deeply.

"Qeng Shan... You have to know this!" she cried.

"About what?" Qeng Shan was confused.

"Umm... Yibo..." Ru Shi was hesitant to tell Qeng Shan about what she had witnessed in the hospital about their husbands.

"Yibo? What happened to him? Is he getting worse?" asked Qeng Shan, aware.

"No, no...! It's not his illness...!" said Ru Shi.

"So.... What is it about?" asked Qeng Shan again, feels relief.

Ru Shi took a painful breathe. She stared at Qeng Shan.

"Ru Shi? What's the matter?" asked QengShan again when Ru Shi still didn't talk.

Ru Shi flinched. She turned her gaze at the table again.

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