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Just Say I Do by CelesteABrook
Just Say I Doby Celeste
How far would you go to save the only family you've ever known? Olivia has always been an optimist. Fresh out of college and about to start a great job, she couldn't be...
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Epiphany by Enny101
Epiphanyby Eniola✨
"I'm living the good life that everyone else wants, I'm capable of giving you two that life but I won't because you and I know that either of you don't deserve it&q...
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HIS (completed) by Honesty577
HIS (completed)by Honesty577 ❤️
"The way you behave...behave around me, with me it's highly inappropriate. I don't want you think I'll be your little assistant that you fuck on top of your desk or...
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A Fine Line by AviceYork
A Fine Lineby Avice York
18+! "Ash," he breathed, "We're getting dangerous here." "No head?" Something red flashed through his eyes, as the corners of his mouth tug...
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My Ex-Stepfather by shyla_stories
My Ex-Stepfatherby Shyla
Harry Styles isn't my father, he's my stepfather. Well ex-stepfather. My mother married him when I was 18, she was 36 and he was 20. Totally gross right? Little did I k...
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Menace to society #hoodlove by therealwritersister
Menace to society #hoodloveby Therealwritersister
Crystal is a 17 year old girl who lives with her mom who is addicted to drugs and abuses her for being a stripper trying to make money so she could survive in this harsh...
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🖤imagine that🖤 by melaninissaflex
🖤imagine that🖤by melaninissaflex
‼️Random imagines‼️ ⚠️sexual content⚠️ Kinda slow updates😬😬
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The Curse Of An Alpha *MATURE* by nikola-does-art
The Curse Of An Alpha *MATURE*by Nikola
VERY GRAPHICALLY MATURE. "What's your name?" His voice was a delicate murmur in her ear. "Alice," she breathed, gasping as he nipped at her lobe. Th...
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Notice Me by shyla_stories
Notice Meby Shyla
Harry Styles, international heartthrob is on the first leg of his tour. Halfway through the American leg of the tour he plays a show at Radio City Music Hall not expect...
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Literotica (18+) by TaliaGonzales_
Literotica (18+)by Rose_Spades46
18+ MATURE My literotica collection Enjoy! 20# matureaudience - 6/3/2020
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Ash and Dawn: Together by MAXACORN
Ash and Dawn: Togetherby Greg Haynes
Ash and Dawn have always been close friends. but what happens when their new sexual feelings awaken and they see each other in a new light?
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~NSFW~ by Queengamin
~NSFW~by Queen
This is a book of erotic one shot stories. These stories have either been told to me or are from my own experiences! ❗️❗️WARNING ❗️❗️ :This is my first time writing a bo...
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Break Me Where Love Hurts  by InkPrincessMarcia
Break Me Where Love Hurts by InkPrincessMarcia
Corliss is a single mother to a out of control 15 year old Zamaya. Corliss has been unemployed for two when she gets a job at Intex. Zamaya is a out of control teenage...
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Sweet As Candy(Laughing Jack X Reader) by scarlet_vantas
Sweet As Candy(Laughing Jack X Scarlet_Letter1998
Moarning over the loss of your family relative Isaac you were brought to his mother and fathers house, given a very mysterious music box as a remember me preasent. Thing...
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Masturbation Addict + Gilinsky (DIS-CONTINUED)  by httpluhsprincess
Masturbation Addict + Gilinsky ( Alli <3
"Fuck babygirl you've had me craving those thighs since I caught you masturbating to me." ____ In which a girl grows sexual attractions for her brothers best...
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Woman by shyla_stories
Womanby Shyla
*Sequel to Sweet Creature* Now that Harry and Gen know the special bond they share, what's next? Just when you think it's smooth sailing for the two life happens.
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Meeting Me Halfway (HSMTMTS Fanfiction) by ClearRock
Meeting Me Halfway (HSMTMTS ClearerThanGlass
3 Years. That was how long it was since East High put on their very first production of High School Musical. 3 Years since Ricky and Nini have seen each other and 3 year...
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Kiwi by shyla_stories
Kiwiby Shyla
Third and final story to the Sweet Creature trilogy.
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Temporary fix [h.s au] by ohharderdaddyy
Temporary fix [h.s au]by Thali M.
What if everything you believed in life turned up to be a lie? What if you're not who you thought you were? When life get's hard is good to have someone to rely on, but...
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Am I Just Her Pet?  by NoGame928
Am I Just Her Pet? by Call Me Whatever
Men are pets, that's it. Well in this reality the idea of man being classified as a being has been forgotten, especially in a world where men are at a size of just two i...
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