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"I have told you. I don't love you. And never will...." ~ Yibo

"Do you like her?" ~ Qeng Shan

"Maybe we can take another alternative!"  ~ Qeng Shan.

"I do not like her!" ~  Yibo.

"What? Are you out of your mind???"  ~ Zhan.

"Please! Only for two months! I want to help Qeng Shan! There would be no love or attraction. Only lust!" ~ Ru Shi.

"I can't even cheating on you! Why do you think I want to sleep with your friend? And what do you think how I feel to know you sleeping with other man??"~ Zhan.

"I want to swap with you!"  ~ Yibo.

"Are you crazy?? I'm married! And  we both men!" ~ Zhan.

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