The Affirmation

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The night rolled to the dawn. The air in the night chilled to the bone, creating spikes on the skin. But these didn't make a mid-aged man who sitting in the porch of a house in a silent residence to get up and gets into the house, yet.

A car engine roared silently in the quiet neighborhood, breaking the solid darkness that shone by the post lamps on the roadside. The man in the porch got up from the chair he was sitting on, turning his head to where the car came from. The car glides on the road slowly, as the driver was looking for a certain house.

The man on the porch walked to the rear porch, extended his neck to get a cleared look at the car. And finally the car stopped by the house. A man climbed out of the car and slammed the door shut softly. He looked around until he saw the man who was standing in the porch. He looked at the man who also was looking at him. The man who just came nodded to the man politely. The man in the porch nodded back to the other man.

The younger man walked to the yard of the house. He got on the porch.

"Dr. Zang Yao..." he greeted the older man and shook his hand.

"Come... Take a seat, Dr. Xiao...!" said the older man.

Zhan sat on a chair and the older man, Dr. Zhang sat on the other chair. Dr. Zhang stared at Zhan, then he smiled.

"I'm glad that you still survived....!" said Dr. Zhang.

"Thank you for saving my life, Dr. Zhang...!" replied Zhan.

Dr. Zhang smiled and bobbed his head. He averted his gaze at the yard, to the darkness to be exact. Then he heaved a sigh as he wants to release the burden in his chest.

"I heard you are looking for me, Dr. Xiao..." said Dr. Zhang.

"Yes," replied Zhan.

The older doctor turned his gaze back to Zhan, and again, he smiled.

"What are you looking for by looking for me?" asked Dr. Zhang.

"I regained my memory...!" replied Zhan.

"I see... Congrats, then!"

"I want to know who is the donor who gave me a heart!" 

Suddenly Dr. Zhang coughed.

"Are you okaY?" asked Zhan, tilted his head to look at the doctor.

"Fine! I"m fine!" said Dr. Zhang when Zhan was about to help him while raised his hand

"Is my question bothered you so much?" asked Zhan.

Dr. Zhang still coughing a little, but now was calmer. He straightened his back, and turned to Zhan again. He heaved a sigh for a second time.

"I guess I can't hide it any longer. Sooner or later, I have to reveal this. Another day, a woman forced me to tell about the heart transplant that happened 12 years ago. The thing that I want to forget, actually...!" said Dr. Zhang.

"Why did you resign from the hospital and never try to do your private practice? You are a renown doctor in the city...!" asked Zhan.

The doctor stared at Zhan. He smiled and shook his head.

"I don't want to be attacked by the influence people and destroy my reputation as a clean doctor. My job is to help people, cure their illness as I could. I don't make a decision on my own. There should be another party's concern and agreement...!" said the doctor.

"What are you trying to say, Doctor?' asked Zhan.

"You want to know the donor, right?" asked back the doctor.

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