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The surgery inside an operation theater went silently. The paramedics were focused on the job to remove the heart from Ru Shi's body. The internal organs had been exposed. The paramedics now tried to get to the heart and detached it from the other organs that linked to it. Ru Shi's heart still beating, still showing it has a life amd eligible for transplantation.

"Ice box!" The doctor said after they successfully removed the beating heart.

Another paramedic quickly put an icebox under the heart that was holding by the doctor. After the doctor injected the heart with q some nutrient to keep it fresh and beat, the paramedic closed the icebox.

"Send it to Memorial Hospital immediately!" Said the doctor.

Without making a voice, the paramedic nodded and stormed out of the operation room, accompanied by another one paramedic. They both jumped into an ambulance after stored the icebox contented the heart in a proper storage in thr back of the vehicle. They ran the ambulance and operated the siren to get their way faster to the other hospital.

While in the other hospital, another surgery was on the way. They did the cleaning  and sterilizing on the other organs of the patient before they do the transplantation. They also needed to remove the damaged heart.

"When the heart is coming?" Asked the transplant surgeon.

Zhan turned to the Nurse who stands behind the door.

"They're on the way. In 10 minutes!' said the nurse.

The transplant surgeon nodded, then he gets back to his work.

"Basin!" The surgeon said when he was done with the heart removal a few moments later.

A nurse holding a metal basin next to the surgeon. The surgeon placed the heart into the basin.

The nurse who was standing behind the door walked over and whispering something to Zhan.

"Why they're late?" Asked Zhan.

"They got something came up on the way here, Doc...!" Replied the nurse.

"We can't leave the patient like this. With opened stomach! He can die!" Zhan snapped.

"Xiao Zhan.... Calm down...." The surgeon hissed at Zhan.

Zhan silent. His eyes showing the fear and restless. He kept glancing at the door, in the hope the people who bringing the new heart for Yibo will coming soon. Every second was killing him inside. He was so afraid that they will lose the patient because of the delay. Everyone was nervous.

Suddenly someone barged into the room, slamming the door, hitting the nurse who standing behind the door. Fortunately, she was alright. Without say a word, one of the paramedics who just came in, surrendered an icebox to the surgery staff there.

"Finally!" One of the surgeon cried.

And without making any voices too, the paramedics who sent the heart dashed out of the room, let the surgeons to do their job.

The transplantation was ongoing. The paramedics who attended the surgery doing their best to make the the surgery succeed. The beads of sweat kept forming on the surgeon's faces die to the seriousness and nervousness inside which quickly dried up by the nurse who accompany them.

Once in a while, anyone of them glancing at the monitor that reading the patient's life. He didn't have the heartbeat but the brain still functioned perfectly. The transplant surgeon placed the new heart for the patient carefully to get it placed properly and correctly, makes  the important organs to intact with the new heart and adapted to it.

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