Let's Make It Up

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With the help from the phone's flashlight, Yibo found Zhan was lying motionless on the floor.

"Oh, dear....!" Yibo ran and kneeled beside Zhan.

He lifted Zhan upper body and placed him on his lap.

"Zhan! Wake up! Zhan!" Yibo tapped Zhan's cheeks repeatedly.

After his effort was fruitless,. Yibo put Zhan on the floor again. Then he got ready to give Zhan the first aid by doing CPR on him. He pressed Zhan's chest a few times, then stopped to see the result. Zhan still closed his eyes and didn't move. Yibo repeated his action a few times.

"Wake up, Baby...! I can't see you go away for the second time...!" Said Yibo, almost cry.

He bent down and about to give Zhan mouth to mouth CPR. He blew the air into Zhan's lungs, but  Zhan still remained unconscious. So, he repeated it again and again.

And he halted.

Yibo stunned when he feels a hand snuck on the back of his neck, and slowly his face pressed deeper as his mouth was being sucked.

By Zhan.

Zhan kissed him.

Yibo stared at the other man's face under him. Zhan still closing his eyes, but he could tell that Zhan was enjoying the kiss he gave to Yibo. But Yibo was too shock to return the kiss.

"I miss you...." Zhan hissed between the kiss. He lifted his head to kiss Yibo more who seems to not returning his kiss.

Yibo's eyes widened. Zhan opened his eyes then he smiled.

"You came.... I've been waiting for you but you never come...." Said Zhan.

"Zhan... Are you-...?" Yibo hissed.

"I remember you.... Partially...." Replied Zhan.

Yibo had his eyes teary. Crimson red crept up on his face as a single clear fluid rolling down his cheek.

"You're back....!" Yibo's voice chocked in his throat. He hugged Zhan tightly.

Zhan smiled. He returned the hug and closed his eyes.

After vent their longingly rendezvous, they sat side by side on the floor. The phone flash light still lit up the room.

"What was the last thing you remembered 12 years ago?" Asked Yibo.

Zhan silent. He looked at the front, to their shadow reflected on the small wardrobe.

"I remember.... I was waiting for you. You said you'll come. But you never come. And I cry, cry, cry.... After that I fell and I don't remember anything again...." Zhan said.

Yibo stared at the side of Zhan's face. Zhan turned to him and stared at him.

"They locked me up in the attic...."  Said Yibo.

"I'm sorry.... For past 12 years, I can't remember you. I kept looking for you because you're always come in my dreams, but you refused to show your face...." Zhan ended his story.

"I'm happy enough that I can see you alive and happy...." Replied Yibo. He kissed Zhan's cheek.

"I have a wife and a son...." Zhan muttered.

"I know...." Replied Yibo.

"I'm sorry.... I have lost the memory about us. I didn't remember a thing about us. I didn't mean to..."

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