The Truth

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Zhan locked his practice room to go for lunch.

"Doc, a patient appointment at 2.30 PM. And don't forget the surgery at 5 PM....!" The nurse who assist him informed him.

"Ok. Take your break first....!" Said Zhan, smiled at the nurse.

The nurse smiled and nodded while mumbling a "thank you".

Zhan walked out of the practice room and straight away to the cafeteria on the first floor.

"Hey! Xiao Zhan!" A man called him when he was walking to the cafeteria.

Zhan turned to the voice. There was a male doctor who walked eagerly to him. Zhan stood to wait for the man.

When the other man approached him, he grabbed Zhan's shoulder and ushered him to keep go on walking.

"This Friday night, do you have any surgeries?" Asked the other doctor.

"Hmm...." Zhan was thinking of his schedule. "So far, no," he said.

"Great!" Cried the other doctor.

"Why?" Asked Zhan, glances at the man.

"Let's have a drink! Chang Man going to engage with his girlfriend two weeks later..!" Replied the man.

"Hah? Really? Wow!" Zhan cried.

The other doctor smiled.

"Finally! He found his end....!" Zhan chuckled.

"Tch! Engage only, my man.... Still a long journey to the M world....!" The other male hit Zhan's chest playfully.

Zhan chuckled.

"So? How? Are you coming?" Asked the other doctor.

"Awh! That.... I thinkkkk.... I can't!" Said Zhan reluctantly.

The other doctor frowned in disappointment.

"Why, mannn? It's Chang Man's precious moment, ma?" The man complained.

Zhan smiled.

"My wife just got her long time no see-friend came back and becomes our neighbor just last week. And they invited us for dinner this Friday...! She will sulk if I don't grant her wish...!" Said Zhan.

"Ahhh....! If she's sulking, then you lost your opportunity... Hahaha...!" The other doctor laughed, teases Zhan.

Zhan only chuckled, doesn't agree or disagree with his fellow doctor.

They arrived in the cafe and quickly find the seat in the packed hospital canteen.


In his practice room, Zhan was checking and examining the cardiograph results the radiologist just sent to him. Someone was knocking on the door.

"Come in!" Zhan replied the knock.

The door opened. A little boy ran into the room.

"Papa!" He shouted.

Zhan turned his attention from his work to the boy. He smiled, then he glanced at the woman who walks behind the boy.

"Busy, Honey?" Ru Shi pecked Zhan's lips.

Zhan put the cardiograph result on his table when the boy was climbing on his lap. He lifted the boy's body and sits him on his lap.

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