Release The Burden

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Qeng Shan went to greets and congrats Ru Shi for her wedding anniversary.

"Ru Shi...! Congratulations!" Greeted Qeng Shan, giving a small box to Ru Shi.

With an unfriendly eye, Ru Shi accepted the gift from Qeng Shan and puts it on the table.

"Thanks!" She replied hurly.

Qeng Shan smiled. She hugged Ru Shi, but Ru Shi seemed to avoid her, but still she lets Qeng Shan hugs her, only her body was stiffen toward  Qeng Shan's hug.

"I wish I can have a family like you, last long... But I don't think it's with Yibo....!" Said Qeng Shan.

"So, are you planning to take my husband from me?" Hissed Ru Shi, surprised Qeng Shan.

"No!" Cried Qeng Shan, earned the glance from the other guess.

"Why are you keep that thinking, Ru Shi?" Qeng Shan lowered her voice when he caught people's attention to them.

Ru Shi scoffed sarcastically.

"You know your marriage with Yibo is so helpless. And you found Zhan is more caring and loving person, so you start to keep a feeling for him...." Muttered Ru Shi.

"Ru Shi.... I never have any feelings to Zhan. Ok! I had agreed with your husband:s swapping that time..." Said Qeng Shan, earned the glare and the snap from Ru Shi.

"Don't you dare to mention about that swinger!" Hissed Ru Shi between her gritted teeth. "Especially in public like this....!"

"Ru Shi, I'm sorry.... I didn't mean it....!" Said Qeng Shan with remorseful face.

"Keep your fake acting to yourself! I'm sick of seeing your face here!" Snarled Ru Shi.

"Ru Shi!" Qeng Shan grabbed Ru Shi's hand but got swing away by Ru Shi.

"Enough! I have to greet the guest! I have no time to chit chat with you...!" Said Ru Shi. Then she walked away, leaving Qeng Shan who feels dejected.

"Honey... We need to greet the other guests, too. Come on...! Why are you keep talking with Yibo? You always talking to him when he comes for consulting,ma?" said Ru Shi, sending Yibo a slight glare.

Yibo  didn't say a thing, but his eyes fiercing at Ru ahi that makes Ru Sh feels a shiver through her spine, so she turned away to Zhan.

"Awh! Isn't he also our guest?" Zhan touched Ru Shi's hand that snuck around his arm.

"You talked to him much enough. Let's go!" said Ru Shi, pulling Zhan.

Zhan looked at Yibo who didn't make a move. Then, he turned to his parents who standing and watching them. Zhan sighed. He has no other choice, but followed Ru Shi to greet the other guest. Yibo only could watch them off and talked to the other people. He grabbed a drink and took a sip of it.

"Don't you try to gain Zhan's memory back about you and him. He has a perfect life now. A wife and a child..." Mr. Xiao suddenly was already stands beside him.

Yibo a little bit startled, but he immediately composed himself. He turned his gaze at the old man who was looking at the couple. Mr. Xiao turned to Yibo when he feels that the younger man was gazing at him. They looked at each other, and they being disliked each other was written on their faces.

"I'll accompany my wife. Excuse me...!" said Yibo.

And without waiting for Mr. Xiao's reply, he walked away approaching Qeng Shan who was drinking her drink alone. Mr. Xiao still kept his eyes on him as if he was afraid if he leaves isi guard down, Yibo will snatch Zhan away from Ru Shi and brings him to run away already.

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