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Friday has come. Ru Shi was getting ready to go to Qeng Shan's house for diner.

"Aish! why Papa still hasn't come yet, A Fei...?" Ru Shi grumbled while waiting for Zhan who seemed late to come home.

Fei Hong didn't bother with his mother's complaint. He was busy making a paper crane from a piece of a paper sheet.

"Hello?" Ru Shi answered the phone when it was ringing and showing her that her husband was calling her. She talked on the phone for a while.

"Aigoo...! I don't want to hear I can't! You have to come!" Ru Shi snapped. She pouted listening to Zhan's wording.

"Uhh... Ok, then. I'll go to her house now. But make sure you are coming. If not, you know what happens...!~" said Ru Shi.

She hung up the call when Zhan ended it. She glanced at Fei Hong.

"A Fei! Let's go now!" said Ru Shi.

Fei Hong stopped what he was doing and looked up at his mother.

"Papa?" he asked his mother.

"He'll come later to Qeng Shan's A Yi's house. We're going first now...!" replied Ru Shi. She got up from the couch.

"Can we bring Niji along?" asked Fei Hong.

"No. I don't think Yibo Shushu will like a pet comes into his house...!" replied Ru Shi. She pulled Fei Hong's hand and dragged him to the door.

"Mama, why Yibo Shushu doesn't like to smile?" asked Fei Hong again, being talkative.

"What do you mean? Why do you need to see him smile?" Ru Shi scowled. She opened the door and started to walk to the yard.

"Because I pity Papa who keeps trying to be funny and Yibo Shushu was never smile...!" replied Fei Hong.

Ru Shi halted. She seemed to think, then she glanced at Fei Hong who staring at her since she stops walking.

"When did you see that?" asked Ru Shi. She was wondered, what Zhan was doing for? As he was remembered, Zhan only did that to her when he was trying to impress her after he confessed to her and waiting for her to confirm it.

"When we are in Yibo Shushu's house...!" replied Fei Hong.

Ru Shi clicked her tongue and mumbled, "Silly," and she dragged Fei Hong again, walking out of their house area.

Arrived at Qeng Shan's house, Ru Shi pressed the bell which promptly gets Qeng Shan strode out of the house and opens the gate.

"Where's Zhan?" asked Qeng Shan when she didn't see Zhan comes along.

"He'll come later. Something came up in the hospital...!" replied Ru Shi.

"Great! I also run out of the dessert. I need to go buy first...!" said Qeng Shan.

"I can accompany you!" cried Ru Shi.

"Ok.Good. Come on in first. Let me set up the table first. So, when the husbands can't wait for us, they can eat first...!" said Qeng Shan, smiles at Ru Shi.

Ru Shi smiled. She tailed Qeng Shan into the house.

Inside the house, they saw Yibo who stepped down the stairs a little run. When he saw Ru Shi, his face beams, almost smile. Then his eyes wandered to the outside.

"Hi, Yibo!" Ru Shi greeted him.

Yibo smiled faintly at Ru Shi. Not a friendly smile, though. Qeng Shan furrowed her brows seeing the strange in Yibo's behavior. It was unusual that Yibo would be eagerly welcoming the guests. Her guests. Then she glanced at Ru Shi. Ru Shi was always used to be a sweet woman as she used to know, be a dream girl for the boys when they were still at school. A little jealousy slowly arose in her heart. But she quickly shoved it away when she remembers that Ru Shi is married to a gorgeous surgeon and has a cute little boy as proof of their love. No way if she will be attracted to her husband who merely a cold guy with a cold heart.

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