The Ugly Behavior

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Ru Shi felt nervous and insecure right now. Zhan started to avoid her. She kept suspecting that Zhan has no interest in her anymore since he had sex with Qeng Shan which actually never had by Zhan and Qeng Shan. By thinking about it, the hatred toward the other woman built up in Ru Shi's heart. However, she has to get Zhan's love and trust back. She was regretted she had judged her husband when all the ideas were coming from her.

At the other side, Zhan who has gained back his memory a bit by a bit turns to gain his affection to Yibo that buried alive for quite some time. He felt guilty to Ru Shi, but the flame of his desire to his wife was died down. He wanted to avoid Yibo, but it turns out that he began avoiding Ru Shi, instead. He has no desire to her, although she tried to seduce him countless times. 

Last time, when he saw Ru Shi wearing the sexy lingerie only, or even only  shorts and a singlet, he'd got turned on. But now, even though she fully naked and rubbing her breasts and vagina against him, Zhan will shove her away and leave the room. He knows it hurt Ru Shi, but he couldn't help it. Ru Shi will hurt more if she finds out that he got no erection at all when she is trying to seduce him.

LIke tonight, Zhan was sitting on the bed, reading the medical book. Ru Shi was in the bathroom, taking a shower. It's been 50 minutes she spent inside the bathroom, Zhan has no idea what she was doing inside, and he seems to don't care. Until there was the click sound of the door opening. Zhan didn't leave his book. He continued reading.

"Zhan Honey...!" Ru Shi's voice calling him in a seductive sound.

"Hmm?" Zhan only hummed without turning his attention from the book.

"Do you mind to look here?" asked Ru Shi.

Zhan sighed. He raised his head and turned to the bathroom door. And he saw Ru Shi was standing there with only a towel wrapped around her body.

"What?" asked Zhan.

Ru Shi smiled. She unwrapped the towel and let it falls on the floor, leaving her slim body bare and naked.

"What are you doing?" asked Zhan.

"Am I sexy?" asked Ru Shi.

Zhan looked at Ru Shi's naked body.

"Yeah...!" replied Zhan.

Ru Shi smiled satisfy. She started to walk to the bed with an elegant move. Zhan raised his brows watching her.

Ru Shi crawled into the bed. She kissed Zhan's neck and sniffed on it.

"Don't you miss me? We didn't do for two weeks already....!" said Ru Shi.

Zhan gulped his saliva. He indeed hadn't have sex with Ru Shi for two weeks already. But he did it a few times with Yibo. Sometimes it happened in Yibo's office or they will take a short trip and check into a hotel far away from the environment where people won't recognize them.

"We'll celebrate our wedding anniversary in two days...!" said Zhan.

"Forget it about that now... I just want you to fill me..." Ru Shi hissed. She took the book Zhan was holding and threw it on the floor. Then she climbed on Zhan's lap.

With a sexy movement he unbuttoned Zhan's pyjamas. Zhan caught her hand when she had undone three buttons. Ru Shi looked at Zhan.

"Honey... Let's do it..!" whined Ru Shi.

"I... I can't. I don't want to do now...!" said Zhan.

"Why?" Ru Shi hit Zhan's chest.

"I don't feel want to do it...!" replied Zhan.

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