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Hey guys, before you freak out, nothing bad is happening lol.

Recently I've been on a rewriting spree, which all my readers know. I've changed this book, the second one and I'm changing the third one as well.

I've come to realise that even though these books are better, people still want to read the original versions, (especially the third one.)

So to make myself happy, and my readers as well, I've decided to put the original versions on Inkitt.

Inkitt is completely free, you can make an account and start reading. It's that easy. They don't ask for coins or anything like that.

I will be putting up the original Alpha Series, book 1-6.

The rewritten version of Chase Me Alpha/Bite Me Alpha and Save Me Alpha, will be separate from the Alpha series on Wattpad. Let me explain this well.

I will be posting the original versions on inkitt. This book, along with the two are not original. They're the new versions. So for that reason, these three will be staying on Wattpad, under different titles (some pretty nice ones too) and will be separated from the 'alpha series'

You'll still get the alpha series on inkitt. Book 1 to book 6, but they will be removed from wattpad.

The original versions that are available are book 4/5/6 and those will be removed.

I want to keep my new versions on Wattpad, because I like them better but I know my readers love the old versions so for that reason, I'm going to be putting them on Inkitt for you.

Hopefully I wrote in English and not gibberish lmao. If any questions, please ask so I can answer them.

The Original Alpha series are all available on inkitt right now. I hope you enjoy them!

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