Him ⎟✔︎ by luhhgends
Him ⎟✔︎by babe
People viewed him as a monster. Someone incapable of feeling anything, any emotion or sentiment. They viewed him as a ruthless shadow that would lurk in the darkness, th...
  • supernatural
  • alone
  • rogues
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Tearing Down by wannabeloved3
Tearing Downby N. A. Cooper
I slammed my hands hard in the wall, trapping her between me and the wall. A growl came from deep in my chest, a warning for her to stop pushing me away in every way, li...
  • rogues
  • werewolf
  • romance
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Rejection Hurts by 0laziness1
Rejection Hurtsby weweb
Lucy Hale, your typical omega. Shy, nerdy, loner and anything her pack would like to punch and boss around. Her life was turned upside down after an incident with the ro...
  • forgiveness
  • secondchance
  • pack
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My Alpha  by Kyrian
My Alpha by She Who Shall Not Be Named
His hand muffled my scream for help, he tries to shush me but I only struggle harder to get away from him. My tears are falling onto his hand but he doesn't care, he bur...
  • moon
  • passion
  • packs
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The Claim ✔️ *Editing* by felisidy901
The Claim ✔️ *Editing*by Auni
Brinn has known Alpha Titus as a close family friend since she was ten years old. He was like a big brother to her. Right before her first shift, her parents decide to...
  • rebellious
  • betrayal
  • pack
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The Alpha's Young Mate (unedited) by True_lies13
The Alpha's Young Mate (unedited)by True_lies13
19 year old Alpha Clayton finally comes home from being away for 5 years at Alpha Training, and when he is finally back, he finds his lovely mate - in the face of his Be...
  • protect
  • mates
  • fight
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When the Moon Takes Over  by breathe_the_night
When the Moon Takes Over by Karie. S.
Alexandra Halsey is an ordinary girl with ordinary friends. She doesn't feel complete and fully happy, maybe because she always lack the love of her long gone mother. Al...
  • fears
  • wattys2017
  • romance
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Her Scarred Alpha by W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
Her Scarred Alphaby W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
What would you do if you accidentally trespassed over an Alphas territory that's known for his brutal mentality and ruthlessness? Kennedy Black a sarcastic but sassy t...
  • fighting
  • ruthless
  • daughter
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My True Mate #1.5 ✓ by delenatwihard
My True Mate #1.5 ✓by DFaye
COMPLETED Highest rank in werewolf #127 'Sabrina, you're pregnant,' I stared at the Dr Johnson and the look of astonishment was my expression. Blood drained my face as I...
  • drama
  • werewolf
  • possessive
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Saving the Beta's Daughter (Completed) by Mys_AJ
Saving the Beta's Daughter ( A.J.
Piper was the Beta's daughter. She was gracious and well-behaved. Her pack loved her, until it started. In her pre-teen years, she was forced to endure torture that peop...
  • panic
  • sister
  • abuse
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King Of The Rogues *Un-Edited* by Makalynn
King Of The Rogues *Un-Edited*by Makalynn
She would be the one to tame our darkness, our loneliness. She alone would be my one and only love. After her leaving I knew I loved her. I would always, no matter what...
  • luna
  • wattys2017
  • attack
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Rejected | hiatus by thewerequeen
Rejected | hiatusby thewerequeen
"I, Randall Jay Hugh, soon to be Beta of the Furies, reject you, Crimson Viviana Moon, sister of the soon to be Alpha of the Furies, as my mate and Beta female,&quo...
  • romance
  • werewolf
  • delta
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The Alpha's Famous Mate  by Azzie01
The Alpha's Famous Mate by Azzie01
||Highest ranking-166 in werewolf|| I guess you could say I live a double life. What am I saying... I do live a double life and it's horrible. I live a life of fame whil...
  • werewolf
  • friendship
  • alphafemale
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Wicked Rivals (The League of Rogues book 4) by LaurenSmithAuthor
Wicked Rivals (The League of Lauren Smith
A LORD WITH LEGENDARY CONTROL... Merciless and powerful, Ashton Lennox is a wealthy man because he puts business before everything else, especially love. As a member o...
  • regencyromance
  • historicalfiction
  • wattys2017
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Mates With the Devil by PopcornArmy
Mates With the Devilby Anneka Rose
HIGHEST RANK - #44 in werewolf (8th Nov 2016) "I don't think you understand. I own you; you are mine." He growled in her ear. "I-I rejected you." S...
  • innocent
  • love
  • shift
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Her Wicked Proposal (The League of Rogues book 3) by LaurenSmithAuthor
Her Wicked Proposal (The League Lauren Smith
He doesn't need his eyes to uncover her true beauty. The League of Rogues, Book 3 Cedric, Viscount Sheridan, is cursed. Once the ton's golden boy, the loss of his sight...
  • historical
  • wattys2017
  • love
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His Wicked Seduction (The League of Rogues book 2) by LaurenSmithAuthor
His Wicked Seduction (The League Lauren Smith
Can the League's most wicked rakehell be tamed? Or has this Rogue fallen too far? The League of Rogues, Book 2 Horatia Sheridan has been hopelessly in love with Lucien...
  • regency
  • regencyengland
  • austen
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Rejected  (#JustWriteIt) by K-Black
Rejected (#JustWriteIt)by Kim Black
Hazel Freeman is a normal she wolf, a member of the Blue Lake pack. Her parents loved her to death and she always dreamt about the day she would meet her mate. But whe...
  • king
  • pack
  • mates
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My Alpha Mate (Editing Process) by wolf_lover29
My Alpha Mate (Editing Process)by Bianca
Highest Ranks: #34 in Werewolf #10 in wolves #8 in emotions Run! I keep running, trying to escape the wolves that are running after me. Run! Keep running, don't st...
  • beta
  • xander
  • love
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Wicked Designs (The League of Rogues book 1) by LaurenSmithAuthor
Wicked Designs (The League of Lauren Smith
The League of Rogues takes what they want-but have they taken on too much? For too long Miss Emily Parr has been subject to the whims of her indebted uncle and the leche...
  • rakes
  • lovestories
  • regencyengland
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