Chapter Nineteen

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"Alpha Jack." I whisper in shock.

He smirks at me.

"Did you miss our two am meetings?" He asks as he pulls a chair up from the table and sits opposite me. I'm in an empty room with a table full of knives and chains. And one book.

"I thought you were dead.."

Nobody saw the body, but Liam had told everyone that Alpha Jack was dead. Cole had confirmed it as well. They never told me what had happened that day. I never asked.

"I escaped when a fire started in the pack house. They assumed I was dead. Not very Alpha like, is it? To assume another Alpha is dead without finding a body," He tsks as he shakes his head.

I'm speechless. I have nothing to say to him. Shocked.

"I was expecting a better reaction," Alpha Jack groans dramatically at me.

"I apologise, I'm trying to figure out what you want with me and why you're behind everything. I'll get to giving you a better reaction in a few minutes," I reply back sarcastically.

He smirks at me.

"I see that mate of yours gave you a backbone," He chuckles and I frown.

"Why do you hate me so much?" I ask him confusion clear in my voice.

I don't need to hide anymore. I don't need to be afraid of anyone.

"You have everything I've always wanted," He shrugs his shoulders. My frown deepens.

"Look at you, Skylar. You're Weretiger. A rare bloodline. Your bloodline," He chuckles to himself "Your bloodline is powerful. So powerful, you alone could destroy this world if you wished. You could burn this world to ashes and start a new world for yourself. Your magic- it's powerful and dangerous and magnificent," He stares at me in awe. "I want your power. I want all the elements inside of me. I need that blonde guy's power and I need the little girl you protected yesterday. I need all of their power so I can destroy this world and build a new one. You can be by my side if you want or I could kill you along with everyone else that annoys me,"  He sighs muttering how easily people annoy him.

I stare at him as he continues talking.

"Carter, the one with the earth magic. He came from a lovely happy pack. Unfortunately his pack has been burnt to ashes. I did get something though," he grins as he stands up and walks to the huge table. He picks up the book and walks back towards his seat.

Kira? I call out to her but I get no answer. I still feel weak and empty from the inside.

"Legends say there will be a powerful bloodline. A line of tigers that will destroy all evil and protect the world from it. There will be one special weretiger that will protect the world from evil," Alpha Jack started to read as he opened the book. "You'd be surprised how treasured this book was to your family. They have written little passages about someone here," He grins at me. I stay quiet as he reads.

" I could feel the change in the world the moment she was born. She's the girl they talk about in the prophecy. She needs to be trained or she will destroy the world," Alpha Jack looks up to me, "written by Grandma Mary," He reads.

Silence. Not a single thought crosses my mind as I hear the name. My father's mom. I remember when I had heard my parents mention her name. She had died. Been killed by a wolf.

"She's learning quickly than everyone else. I don't know how to stop it. I don't want her to face the world by herself, written by Jacqueline Chance,"

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