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7 years later.

"Mommy! Wake up! Daddy is breaking the kitchen!" I hear Lucy run into the room as I open my eyes to look at her. She lifts herself up on the bed and starts to jump on it.

"Mommy wake up!" She jumps higher.

"I'm awake," I laugh as she jumps onto me. I hold her as I sit up.

"What's wrong?" I ask and she grins up at me from my lap.

"Daddy is trying to make you breakfast," she laughs at me as I climb out of bed quickly.

Cole doesn't know how to cook breakfast. At all.

She raises her arms to me and I roll my eyes with a smile on my lips as I lift her up. I walk out of my room and head downstairs as I hear banging in the kitchen.

"Dad!" I hear Daniel groan. I step into the kitchen and put Lucy onto the ground. She runs to Ashton who lifts her up and makes her sit on his lap.

"Fuck sake," Cole groans as he throws a burnt pancake into the bin.

"Bad word, daddy," Lucy says as she shakes her head at him.

"Mom! You're not supposed to see this!" Daniel gasps as he notices me in the doorway.

I smile at him as he tries to cover the burnt toast on a plate.

"I saw it now baby. What are you doing, Cole?" I ask as he turns around and looks at me with a pan in his hand.

"Trying to apologise?" He shrugs his shoulders with a sheepish smile on his face.

"I made the toast," Daniel grins at me.

"I woke mommy up!" Lucy puts her hand up.

"I made the smiley face!" Ashton grins at me too.

I laugh.

"Go get ready for school. I'll make you breakfast," I say to them and they all nod as they run out of the kitchen.

I walk towards the fridge as Cole pouts at me.

"Come here," he holds his hand out to me.

"No," I say as I get the orange juice out and close the fridge.

"I said I'm sorry," he sighs.

"I don't accept it," I say as I hand him the orange juice and point to the glasses cupboard.

"I couldn't help it, baby," he groans and I try not to smile.

"Get the cereal out. They can eat that today. I'm going to go and get dressed quickly. You can do that without messing up right?" I ask him.

He rolls his eyes at me as I walk out of the kitchen and see Lucy climbing down the stairs. She sits down on the step and then slides down to the other and other until she reaches the bottom.

"Mommy! Can I go to school today?" She asks me as she looks up at me.

"Your school starts next week, darling. Why don't you get ready and I'll take you to the park this morning. We could go shopping for food. Daddy will burn everything," I say and she nods eagerly as she runs to the kitchen.

I head upstairs and head to the boys room. Ashton and Daniel. Ashton is my adopted son and Daniel is my first born child. His pregnancy was hard. Very hard because a lot of the pain was in my mind. I made myself so scared of giving birth to a baby that I was screaming before I even gave birth to him. Ashton and Daniel are the best sons I could ever ask for though. Ashton is a year older than him. I never knew the date Ashton was born on so I gave him a birthday to celebrate. The day we escaped. He doesn't need to know. I walk into their room to see Ashton tying Daniel's tie and he grins at me.

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