Chapter Fourteen

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I freeze as well.

“. . . Wow,” Scarlet whispers surprisingly.

I think my sexy mate might be one of the fishes you drained of water now, Carter says into my mind and I burst out laughing.

Scarlet looks at me confused and I sober up quickly.

“I don't know what to say,” She says and Carter smiles slowly.

“Maybe, that you have a hot mate with sexy powers that we could use when -”

“Shut up!” Scarlet quietens him down quickly and he chuckles.

“This is my cue to go,” I take a step back and Scarlet shakes her head.

“No I saw you doing some of this,” she moves her hands up and down and I laugh shaking my head at her.

“Carter can tell you. I want to go see Cole,” I say and she nods slowly, still trying to process exactly what she saw.

I walk away from them as Scarlet moves closer to Carter.

Don't tell her I am a tiger. I want to tell Cole first, I mindlink Carter quickly who replies back with an okay and then blocks me out.

I silently walk back to the pack house wondering what would have happened if Cole had found us. Would he still accept me?

I should tell him before he finds out from anyone else.

I quickly walk into the pack house. It's been an hour so it is still very early for the pack members to wake up. I close the door behind me and head straight to the kitchen where I know Hannah would be. She's always the first one to wake up.

“Skylar!” Hannah grins at me and I smile as the food closes behind me, “Alpha Damien is looking for you. He said he wanted to talk to you about a party,” she says and I laugh.

“Doesn't this pack have a lot of parties?” I ask and she laughs as well.

“Alpha Damien says there's no need for anyone not to celebrate an occasion. I heard he wants to throw you a Luna party again. The first one failed, but he's determined for everyone to know you're the Luna,” She explains and I smile back at her.

I say bye to her and then walk out of the kitchen and head towards Cole’s office. It's where I'm more likely to find him. As I reach his office, I knock on the door and step inside to see Liam laughing with Cole.

“And here comes the devil,” Liam grins at me.

“Fuck off,” Cole grumbles and stands up.

“Hey,” he smirks at me.

“Hi,” I reply back.

“That was cringy and just utterly gross. Goodbye, I am out,” Liam mutters and walks out of the room quickly.  

Cole runs a hand through his hair and rolls his eyes at the door.

“Liam is..”

“Annoyingly good looking,” I blurt out as Cole stares at me. More like glares.

“Good looking? I was going to say prick. Do you find him good looking?” He growls lowly, as he crosses his arms.  

“. . . No. . .”

“You hesitated,” He mumbles frowning at the ground.

I laugh and he looks up at me, confused.

“Now you're laughing? Please do share the cause of your laughter, Skylar,” He drawls out in a low voice and I shut up.

“He is good looking,” He growls at me as I say it, “But you- you're perfect,” I say and he rolls his eyes, with a big smile on his face.

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