Chapter Eight

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He marked me. He actually marked me. I've kept my emotions away from him but I can feel his. He's upset, happy and nervous.

I don't want to feel it. I don't want to have an attachment here.  I was supposed to leave.

You're not leaving now. Kira says in my mind and I sigh and ignore her.

I carry on walking through the forest, taking random turns, not really caring where I go. I just want to walk away from my problems. Literally.

How could he have marked me? He said he didn't want me and then he goes ahead and marks me?

I ignore my thoughts when I come to a clearing leading two ways. Left or right. I stand in the clearing and scream. I scream so loud to try and let a burden go but nothing. My shoulders feel heavier with carrying all of these secrets. I don't want too. I really don't want too.

Get up. Take a left, Kira says to me quickly.

I stand up and walk towards left, listening to her. I can feel Kira prowling in the back of my mind, confused.

I walk a little faster until I come to a gate. I look around confused and push open the gate and walk inside. It feels different here. I can't describe how different it feels but it seems like this is is a forbidden place for me to step into.

I walk ahead, following the path and I stop in front of a pack house. It's an average looking pack house. Not too small and not too big.

I remember yesterday Cole telling Liam to check if the other pack house is okay.  He was probably talking about this one.

I don't see anyone outside even though there's a playground and a few more houses behind the pack house.  I walk inside.

There's something calling me inside here. I can feel why Kira is so nervous.  We don't know what happening.

“Hello?” I call out, looking inside the living room. It's empty.

“Who are you?” I hear a woman say as she walks out of what I'm assuming is the kitchen.  

“What is this place?” I ask instead, looking around me.

“You're the Luna,” she whispers out.

Luna? I'm not.

They can smell your mark, stupid, Kira tells me and I mentally roll my eyes at her.

“Luna, this place is for the lesser wolves,” She explains,  “My name is May. The rest of the people are out now, but we have Bethany in the kitchen,” she points to it.

Bethany. I follow her towards the kitchen and I see a little girl sat on the floor with a colouring book. She seems like she's three years old.

“What do you mean by lesser wolves?” I ask confused.

“Wolves that can't shift are put into this pack house,” She says, looking down at Bethany.

I was meant to be here then. Why would Cole do that?

“Bethany. Say hi to Luna,” May says and the little girl looks up. She pushes her brown hair out of her face and waves at me shyly.  

“Hi,” she whispers and goes back to colouring.

“Your daughter is adorable,” I smile at her.

“She's not my daughter. I just take care of her because her parents died in a car accident recently,” May explains and I nod.

I sit down next to Bethany on the floor, and look at what she's colouring. A picture of Cole? Cole has his own colouring book?

I stifle a laugh as Bethany looks up at me.

She just stares at me and I know she feels it too. This weird connection between us and I can't pinpoint why. There's this hum going around us and I know I'll be able to see it when I shift. The light around her.

“Can we see Alpha?” Bethany asks shyly and I nod.

“Of course we can,” I reply back and look up to May.

“Can I take her with me to see the Alpha?” I ask May who nods quickly.

“Of course, Luna,” she says and I look at Bethany.

“Shall we go see him now?” I ask and she nods standing up and picking up her colouring book. She gives it to May who rips a page out and hands it to her.  

Bethany turns to me. I stand up and hold her hand.

“I promise to bring right back,” I say to May who nods.

Bethany and I walk out of the kitchen and out of the pack house.

“I like. . .you,” Bethany smiles up at me and I laugh.

“I like you too,” I reply back and she grins.

We walk together, I ask her questions like what's her favourite colour and she replies with blue. For someone her age she's really clever.  

When we get to the pack house, she moves closer to me as people see me walk inside. Some of them look at me surprised and a few look at me in awe. I look confused.

Mark. Luna. Kira rolls her eyes.

I forget that everyone can smell his scent on me now.

I walk towards his office and knock on the door.

He opens it quickly and looks at me, letting out a sigh of relief.

I step inside without any words and he closes the door behind me.

“Can I hug the Alpha?” Bethany whispers to me and I nod.

She watches as Cole walks around us to stand in front of me. He stares at me, a look of relief on his face.  

“I thought you weren't going to come back to me,” He mumbles but I ignore him. Bethany walks up to him and wraps her small hands around his legs.

He looks down at her confused, but then bends down to her level and smiles. He smiles.

“Hello. My name is Bethany,” she says to him shyly.

“I made this,” she hands him a paper of his face on it. She gave him blue hair.

“Thank you,” he takes it off her and places it on his desk behind him.

A knock on the door catches my attention as it opens and Liam steps inside.

“Why don't you go with Beta Liam while I have a quick chat with your Luna, okay?” Cole says to Bethany who nods.

She walks towards Liam slowly, but I grab her hand, stopping her.  

“She's not going anywhere,” I say to them.

She's not getting out of my sight and if I have to prove it to them then I will. There's this urge inside of me to protect Bethany with my life and I will do it.


“No. She stays here. Actually she's coming with me,” I bend down and pick her up, placing her on the side of my hip.

“I need to talk to you, Skylar,” Cole growls out as Bethany places her head on my shoulder. She's not heavy.

“But I don't want to talk to you, Cole.” I walk past a surprised Liam and out of the office.

“How about we go to the park and have some ice cream?” I ask Bethany who nods her head shyly at me.

“Yes please,” she smiles.

I smile back.

Bethany.  She's different.

Question- crazy dream you've had recently?

My answer- my bra size on my bra changed. It was so weird.

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