Chapter Twenty Six

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Cole's pov.

Dread. That's what I feel as I see Skylar's hand fall away from her neck and onto the blooded ground.

I growl as I rip apart every limb of a naked man and shred his skin as I jump over his body and run towards Skyar. I shift halfway in between and kneel down next to her.

"Hey, it's all over now," I murmur as I lift her up from the ground and pull her into my lap.

"Skylar? Wake up," I try to shake her quietly. The mate bond hasn't disappeared. She's not dead. I don't feel it.

"Alpha, I've rounded everyone up," Liam says behind me just as Carter runs towards us and lowers himself to the ground.

I growl at him.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I got held up," He apologises, "I told her I'd be right behind her and sh-"

"Shut the fuck up," I growl at him loudly and he lowers his head, "She's not dead," I mutter as I pull her closer.

Come on baby. Wake up, I whisper into her mind. She doesn't reply back.

"I need Rebecca," I say as I turn to Liam. He nods and runs towards the safe house. Rebecca is the pack doctor. She's old but very wise. She's healed everyone before. She can wake Skylar up.

I lay Skylar down onto the ground and pick up the shorts, Mason brings. I quickly wear them and lift Skylar up into my arms. I head towards our house.

"Daddy!" I hear Bethany shout and I freeze with Skylar in my arms as she runs towards us.

A bit dramatic of me to take your screaming daughter in front of you while you can't do anything

He was going to hurt her. He was going to hurt everyone.

We killed him, Alex growls in my mind as I carry on walking to the pack house. I step inside and head to the first clear room I can find. I place Skylar onto the couch and wait for Rebecca.

Don't rip her head off. She's old. She's taking her time. I repeat to myself in my mind just as I see Liam lifting an old lady in her arms and running as fast as he can towards us.

He places her down and she smiles at him as he blushes in embarrassment.

"Could you get everyone out, Alpha?" Rebecca says as Aiden runs inside with a bag full of her stuff.

"Leave," I mutter the word as I get up from the sofa and close the door to the room. Rebecca sits down on the couch near Skylar and I watch as she presses a hand onto neck and forehead. She's a healer. She can feel things that are wrong with someone.

"She needs to rest and get everything patched up. Hand me my bag," She places a hand out. I walk towards the bag and lift it up and hand it to her. I wait near Skylar.

Please wake up, baby, I whisper to her in her mind but still don't get any reply.

"There's no point, Alpha. Her tiger has shut her body down. She's trying to protect her cub. Until she feels safe, Luna won't be waking up. Just let her rest. I'll fix her up, but that is all I can do. It's a mother's instinct to protect her child," Rebecca explains as she pulls out bandages from her bag.

I stay still.

I don't say anything as she cleans up the blood from my mates arms and legs.

I stare at Skylar.

She's pregnant. She's fucking pregnant.

"Holy fucking shit," I say in shock as I think of all the pain she has to go through. She's scared of giving birth. She shared her fear with me. Birth.

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