Chapter Twenty

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Silent. Hurt. Pain. I feel weak as the men lift up my useless body and throw me into my cell again. I try to open my eyes but they are so heavy I can't.

I close my eyes and let the darkness take me away from the noise.

"Skylar don't run too far!" Mummy calls my name as I run away from daddy in his tiger form. I laugh loudly as I run towards the water.

Daddy tackles me onto the floor and I laugh loudly as he moves away from me quickly.

He frowns at the water and turns to me. He nods his big white head back to mummy and I now, running again but back home now.

"Skylar! Get inside quickly!" Mummy shouts at me as she steps aside from our small front door. I run inside and they lock the door behind me.

"Mummy?" I bang on the door because I can't see anything. I hear growls and roars outside.

"Daddy!" I scream banging on the door. I turn back around and run to my tiny couch.

I lean my back against it and try to push it.

"I am strong. I am daddy's girl. I am mummy's girl. I am Skylar Chance Kingston. I am strong," I whisper to myself

I repeat the words as I push the couch to the window. I grin and climb on top of the couch to look out the window. I clap my hands as I see mummy and daddy sitting on the ground licking each other. Bath time!

Their tigers shift back to humans and they both smile at me.

I wake up to the sound of crying. I open my heavy eyes slowly. They adjust to the darkness and I cry out as I try to move my body into a sitting position. I can't.

"Sarah.." I call out to her quietly, my lips busted from the punches Jack gave me.

He's no Alpha. Never an Alpha.

My body is too sore to move and Kira still doesn't make a sound in my mind. She can't heal me.

I hear Ashton cry again and I try to call to Sarah to pick him up but she doesn't answer me.

I turn my body slowly onto my back and bite my lip to hold in my scream at the pain and blood dripping to the ground. I lift my head up slowly to try and see something in the darkness. Nothing. It's completely dark.

I lift my body up to sit and I use my hands to touch the ground to find Sarah. I need to wake her up. Ashton is crying.

"Sarah come on," I whisper quietly, my voice raspy from all the crying and screaming I did.

I have no idea how long I was out for. How long I was tortured for. It's dark in these cells so I can't even tell if it's day or night anymore.

I push my hand closer to the place where she normally is until I feel a wet and sticky sort of liquid on the ground. I frown and call her name out more worriedly.

"Sarah?" I reach further into the darkness until I feel her body. I move closer slowly as I run my down her face and to her neck.

No pulse.

I scream and pull my hand away quickly ignoring the way my body screams at pain.

I move away from her body and push my painful back against the wall. I ignore the pain as I scream loudly. I cover my wet hands with my face and scream louder.

She's dead. She's dead. She's dead.

It's because of me. She tried to escape with me. They killed her because of me.

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