Chapter Seventeen

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Wake up. There's a rogue in the land. Kira shouts in my mind.

I blink slowly as I open my eyes. I glance at the clock and groan a little as I see it's five in the morning. I twist my body and lay on my stomach as I feel a little sore around my thighs.

A smile finds a place on my face as I think about last night. We didn't stop. The mating bond was complete and I wanted him to touch me all night. I went to sleep at three. I was tired and he still wanted to go on but we slept instead.

A ROGUE IS HERE! Kira screams in my mind and I open my eyes and groan quietly making sure I don't wake up Cole. I smile at him as I sit up slowly making sure the duvet doesn't move from him.

He needs rest more than anyone. From last night and from drinking.

I climb out of bed and do a long stretch as I pick up my clothes from the floor. I walk towards the bathroom to wash my face and rinse my mouth before I head out to find the rogue.

Give me a few minutes, I say to Kira who prowls in my mind.

She huffs but stays silent as I quickly get dressed.

I pull my hair up into a cleaner ponytail and walk out of the bathroom. Cole is still asleep. I smile as I walk out of his room and close the door behind me softly.

Where is the rogue? I ask Kira.

Find Liam. His scent. She replies back and I take a deep breath trying to find Liam's scent. All I can smell is sex.

I shake my head, a smile on my face as I walk downstairs. It's only five in the morning so everyone is still asleep. I can't hear anyone so I walk to the front door and step outside.

I look outside trying to find Liam when I see him walking out of the cells. I remember when Cole showed me the main places in this territory. The cells were one of them. A place I didn't want to go to ever. There was a door in the left wall of the Pack House. It led to the cells underground.

I take a deep breathe and let it out. I told Cole last night about everything. About Alpha Jack and what he'd done and how crazy he was. Cole kissed every scar on my back and whispered to me that no one would ever hurt me like that. He would always be there for me.

"Skylar? What are you doing here?" Liam asks as he notices me. I walk towards him.

"I want to see the rogue," I tell him and he frowns.

He looks better than yesterday. He's had a haircut as well.

"A rogue? Who told you? Actually don't answer that. You're the white tiger. We've all heard legends about them," He mutters while shaking his head at himself.

"I can't let you in, Sky. Cole will kill me," He says sighing at me sadly.

"I'm Luna of this pack, right?" I ask and he nods, "I would like to see the person, Liam. As your Luna, I order you to let me in," I tell him and he lowers his head and nods.

"Yes Luna." He replies and steps back as he opens the door to cells.

"Can you go down first? Please?" I ask him softly and he nods as he steps in front of me and walks into the darkness.

"I didn't know my Luna would be scared of the dark," Liam says as he holds his hand out. I grab a hold of it tightly as he walks downstairs. Another man closes the door behind making me jump.

"Sorry Luna," He apologises quietly and I quickly step down another step and closer to Liam.

No Alpha Jack. It's only you and Liam and a bunch of strangers. Alpha Jack is dead.

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