Chapter Three

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“One by one,” Blondie shouts loudly as everyone gets into the black vans.

We had to leave our pack house behind. We had to leave Crystal Pack and we had to go The Blood Moon Pack house. To their territory.

It was always said around the pack, that once you stepped into the Blood Moon territory, you couldn't leave without a valid reason.

My valid reason? I get-got, he's dead Skylar- abused by the old Alpha. I want to be free.

Henry still clings to me as we climb inside the car. There's only a few people here since we were at the back of the line.

Someone from the other pack slams the door close after Scarlet sits inside. Henry climbs onto my lap, and lay his head against my neck. For a werewolf, Henry is not as clever or doesn't grow as fast as the other wolves. Wolves around his age act like their 10 year old, while Henry is still 5. He's a slow learner when it comes to things.

“Is mummy okay?” he whispers to me.

Scarlet looks at me confused. She's never met Henry. She doesn't know who Henry is. I never tell her everything. As much of a best friend she is to me, I've always been a closed book.

“Mummy is going to be okay. She's going to be with the angels now,” I whisper back to him.

I knew the look in his mom’s eyes. She was gone. There was barely a smile on her face when she sat down with the other guy. He was going to be with her till the end.

“Are you okay?” he asks me and I smile at him.

“I'm okay Henry,” I reply back, pushing his hair back. He's never had a haircut, so his hair is really long.

He nods, and leans back on my shoulder, closing his eyes.

I ignore the disgusted looks thrown at me by our own pack members. They never got to know me. Scarlet and I were just the Omegas of the pack.

Everything is going to be okay soon.


I step out of the car, my eyes widen at the huge pack house. It's twice the size of ours, and our pack house was huge. The car drives past, and I see Blondie walk towards the front of the clearing. All of us huddle around closer, Scarlet and I pushed to the back. Henry follows behind me. Everyone quietens down to hear what Blondie has to say.

“Aiden!” Henry shouts, waving at someone.

Everyone turns to look at Henry and they look confused. Henry has never been out so nobody knows him.

“Shush,” I pull at his hand and he covers his mouth quickly, noticing everyone's stares. Ignoring them all, we head to the back with Scarlet.

“I'm going to be straight with you all. No beating around the bush. Your Alpha is dead-” pack members gasp loudly as if they didn't know already. If he wasn't dead, he would be here with us. “I need you all to listen!” Blondie shouts loudly, and everyone quickly quietens down.

“You have a choice. Join this pack, or you'll die,” he says, not bothering with the fact that he sounds like he's telling someone the weather is alright outside.

“Anyone willing to die?” he asks and I look around, hoping someone will move forward. I just want to see if he's actually telling the truth.

“Thought so-” he mumbles to himself but I can hear it, “Now, you're not worth Alpha Damien’s time, so you'll be listening to me like usual,” he explains and we all nod.

Alpha Damien. We've always been told to never make eye contact with him. To never talk to him. To stop when he's walking by. He's known to kill anyone who misbehaves, anyone who talks to him when he's not talking to them. Basically anyone who's has attributes of a human.

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