Chapter Five

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I hear shuffling in the room, and I open my eyes to see a boy slip out of the room. From Natasha’s side.

I close my eyes again and just lay in bed. After leaving Cole’s office, I headed straight to the kitchen where I found Beta Liam eating cake. He looked a little surprised to see me and even shocked when I asked him where I'll be staying. In the biggest room they had in the pack house. All of the Omegas shared the room. It seemed like it was a whole floor, without the walls and doors. That's how big the room was, and it was all for four Omegas. There was a huge bathroom too, and three walk in closets as well. Four beds were placed in a row, a small bedside table in between them all.

I had asked Liam where Scarlet was staying since I was so used to seeing her in the mornings. He said that she was given her own flat outside of the pack house. I was happy for her. She was getting what she always wanted.  

“I haven't told anyone that you're the Alpha’s mate, so don't tell anyone about him,” Natasha says. I open my eyes to see her opening the curtains. Hannah and Molly aren't in the room. My eyes wander towards the huge clock placed on the wall to see its six am.

“Who is him?” I ask and she smiles at me, and walks towards the bathroom.  

“Hey Natasha!” I call her before she closes the door. She turns to look at me, raising her eyebrow in question. “Can I borrow some clothes please? I don't have any,” I ask and she nods.

“Knock yourselves out. Third closest is mine,” She replies and closes the door behind herself.  

I get out of bed and walk towards the closet. I'm a little surprised when I open the door. In the Crystal Pack, we weren't given the luxury to have so many clothes as an Omega. In this pack, the closet is full of clothes. Are they even Omegas?

I look through her clothes to find something suitable to run away in.

Ninja clothes! Kira exclaims and I laugh a little. I wish.

All of Natasha’s clothes seem a little too small for me. I turn to the dress section when I have no look in the jeans and shirt section. Section. It's like I'm in a shop.

I pick out a black flowy long sleeve dress that reaches my knees.

Black is as close as I can get to a Ninja outfit, I tell Kira who wiggles her tail at me.

I step out of the closet and close the door as Natasha walks back out with a towel wrapped around her body.

“We're going to go shopping today, so you can buy more clothes there,” She says and I nod a little confused.

“Omegas are allowed to go shopping?” I ask her and place the dress on the bed, thanking her for it as well.

“Yes. Alpha pays us every month. Even every week. He allows us to work if we want or not, but he'll always pay us for looking after the pack. So we go shopping, or take a day off and enjoy it. Just because we're Omegas doesn't mean we can't enjoy life,” She shrugs and walks into her closet.  

Being an Omega isn't a nightmare here. It's life.


“Skylar!” I hear Scarlet’s voice behind me and I turn around to see her running towards me.

“I missed you!” she wraps her arms around me tightly and I laugh.

“I thought you forgot about me,” I joke but hug her back.

“Oh shut up,” she says letting me go and looking at the other Omegas.  

“Oh. Hi,” she mutters shyly at them. Scarlet was always the shy girl in the pack.

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