Chapter Twenty One

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"Run Skylar! Don't look back and run! Find your mom!" Dad shouts at me as he runs towards the rogues and shifts into mid air.

I turn around and run to our house.

I hide behind a tree quickly as I notice wolves guarding the house. No no no.

Where is mom?

Mom? I mindlink her quickly.

Run Skylar. Don't look back. Whatever happens right now, promise me that you will never shift. That you will never show anyone who you really are. There are people out in this world that will kill you for it. Do not shift.

She says to me as a rogue spots me. He growls towards me and I turn around running away just as my mom runs in and around the trees towards the rogues chasing me.

"Mom!" I scream as I see them bite into her leg. Dad jumps out from the bushes and attacks the wolf biting mom.

RUN! They both mindlink me.

I cry as I run quickly and away from them as they protect me.

I jolt up as I open my eyes. Ashton twists in my lap as I feel him wake up too.

I don't know how long we've been out but my stomach groans from being empty.

I feel Ashton move his head closer to me. When I saw Ashton in the light he seemed to be a healthy baby. I don't know how she kept him healthy. No food has been given to me. Nothing for Ashton either. He seemed to look around the 8 month mark.

I feel him move against my body again so I stay still letting him move.

He climbs down from my lap and I hear him crawl away.

Pick him up pick him up pick him up

I move closer to the sound he makes with my jacket scraping against the floor as he crawls. I lift his body up and pull him back towards me.

He starts to cry.

"Please don't cry," I whisper softly trying to rock him back to sleep.

Maybe he's hungry. I don't know what to feed him.

He fidgets in my lap and I try not to scream at the pain it causes my arms to hold him in my lap.

I rock back and forth.

"Shush,"I say quietly as I pull him closer. I let the tears fall down my face.

What am I supposed to do? I'm clueless. I can't mindlink Cole. I don't know if Bethany is fine or not. I don't know when Cole will find me. I don't know anything.

Ashton cries louder just as the lights come on. I blink my eyes as I pull my jacket over Ashton's eyes and cover him up. He quietens down against me.

My eyes widen as I see the men bring the girl back. I don't know how long it's been. Was it yesterday? Was it two days ago that they took her? I don't know. She's silent as she comes back and they throw her in the cell with a man that growls to the them. He picks her up and she whispers something softly to him. I can't hear them.

He shakes his head and turns back to the man that threw her in the cell.

"She needs food!" He shouts at the man.

The man rolls his eyes.

"It'll be here in a minute. If she can survive that long," He says chuckling as he walks away, leaving the light on.

My eyes take in all the people in the opposite cells. Young women and men with little children sit opposite me. They sit up eagerly waiting for food.

I lift up my jacket to look down at Ashton. He looks up at me with his blue eyes. His clothes are covered in blood with little spots of it on his face.

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