Chapter Twelve

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Sighing I walk down the stairs, a little tired. Shifting yesterday drained my energy.

Cole didn't let me out of his sight last night. He wanted to be in the same room as me but I said no. I wasn't going to move that quickly.

Waking up was hard but I managed to get out of the soft warm bed.

I walk inside the kitchen knowing it's time to make breakfast since I didn't see any of the girls in bed.

"Skylar!" I hear Scarlet's voice before I'm pulled into a hug.

"Hey," I say, laughing at her a little as she lets me go.

"I was going to see you yesterday but nobody was allowed in the pack house except some of them. So I couldn't see you and I didn't know how you were," She explains as Hannah laughs at her too.

"I'm alright Scar. Honestly I'm okay. I bought someone with me too, Carter but I'm not really sure where he got to last night," I say mumbling off the ending since I was wrapped up in Cole's arms for a while.

"The new guy? Alpha gave him a room so he's probably sleep-" Hannah quietens down as Scarlet freezes in her space.

Her eyes glaze over like she's in another world.

"Scarlet?" I call out to her but she turns her head towards the door as it opens and Carter walks in.

They stare at each other. Carter smirks a little, as he looks her up and down as she blushes.

"Hello there, gorgeous," Carter grins at her.

"Mine." Scar growls lowly and Carter chuckles.

"All yours, baby, all yours," He winks at her.

". . . I will see myself out," I say and walk out of the back door.

It leads to the garden. Maybe I could go see Bethany. I start walking forward when I hear Carter call my name out. I stop and turn around to see him walking towards me.

He stops in front of me and looks around us. There are people running in their wolves forms and little kids playing.

I've got to talk to you about something, Carter mindlinks me and I nod.

Follow me, I reply back and walk around the corner of the house. It leads to the trail that I would have used to go and see Bethany.

I turn around and look at him.


My main reason of finding you was so we could find the last person. They have the air element. I was hoping, a lot, that maybe they were with you. I have to go look for them, but Scarlet.. he sighs and leans against a tree.

How do we find out who has the air element? I ask him.

The connection. If you concentrate on me, you can feel it, can't you? It'll be buzzing in your mind and you could see the light around me, if you were in your tiger form, he explains and I nod slowly.

The connection. I did see a green light around him yesterday.

I turn back to look at Carter a little confused.

"How old do you have to be to get it?" I ask him.

Carter shrugs, "It's whenever the it is passed down to you. At any age," he says, "Why?" he asks looking at me.

"I met a little girl here. Her name is Bethany, and as soon as I saw her, all I wanted to do was just protect her-"

"Yes! The way I saved your ass. I wanted to protect you that's why," Carter exclaims happily.

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