Chapter One

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Pain. That's what I feel when I wake up. Groaning quietly, I lift the duvet off my legs, and place them on the cold floor. A small shiver runs through my body but I ignore it, already familiar to the cold air.

I look at the small alarm clock on the floor, near my bed, which reads six am. I don't know why I bother checking the time when I wake up at six every morning. My body is used to it. Somehow my brain screams at my eyes to open up, and then my eyes take a little longer, so it screams to my body to move, and then I'm awake.

Lifting myself up from the floor mattress- my bed- I walk towards the adjacent bathroom. I walk inside and ignore the small mirror hanging on the wall. I walk towards the sink, and turn the cold water on. I splash my face with water, to wake myself up a bit more. Then I walk towards the shower, and turn it on, knowing for at least 5 minutes it's freezing cold water. In that time, I use the toilet and brush my teeth. I strip out of my clothes and stand in the shower letting the water slide down my face. It's warm. Not hot, not cold. Warm.

Washing my hair quickly with coconut shampoo and my body with a coconut shower gel, I step out of the shower wrapping a small towel around my body. I pick up my dirty clothes from the floor, wiping the floor with them a little to dry up the water dripping from my hair. I walk out of the bathroom, and throw my clothes in the basket in the corner. Walking towards my small drawer set, I pull a drawer out and pull my black ripped jeans - ripped from being used too much- and a grey off the shoulder top, along with my black panties and bra.

I quickly get dressed and towel dry my hair. I brush it out to get the tangles out, and then walk out of the room quickly. Closing the door behind me, I take a deep breath and let it out.  

“A new day Skylar. Just smile,” I mumble to myself and walk down the attic stairs. I sleep in the attic with another Omega. My best friend Scarlet.

I walk down the three sets of stairs and get to the ground floor. I walk towards the kitchen and walk inside, noticing Scarlet putting bread in a toaster.

“Morning Scar,” I mumble, sitting down on a stool in the perfect out-of-the-TV kitchen.

“Morning. Now get your ass moving and get the bacon out. We need to finish for half seven, Sky, so hurry up,” Scar turns around to look at me, while placing a hand on her hip.

“I'm tired,” I mutter, placing my head on the countertop and closing my eyes.

“I know, but I'm not making food for 100 people by myself,” she groans and I sigh, lifting my head up to look at her.

Complaining isn't going to get me anywhere.

I nod, and start helping her with making the breakfast. After 30 minutes of cooking, I walk out of the kitchen and through another set of doors which lead to the dining room. I place two bacon trays on the huge table and walk back out. Scarlet and I place orange juice, milk, water, tea,coffee, toast, eggs, beans, sausages, mushroom and last but not least the ketchup on the table.

I look around the table noticing all the lovely food, when I hear footsteps and chatter in the hallway. My que to go.

I walk back to the kitchen and close the door behind me.

“Here you go,” Scar hands me a bowl. Porridge and fruit. That's all we're allowed to have. We've tried a couple of times to have a huge breakfast, but with the cameras everywhere, we're not given that right.

I take the bowl and walk towards the small table in the corner of the kitchen. I sit down and wait for Scarlet to sit down too.

We eat in silence, her staring at me a couple of times, but I ignore it. I know what she wants to ask, and I want to say no, but she knows what the answer is. Yes.

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