Chapter Twenty Four

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A week had passed by and I felt better. I spent every minute with Cole and Bethany. Ashton was with me too. Every second. I didn't let him out of my sight.

Cole had told me it was my tiger's instinct to protect him like her own and I didn't mind it. I was being happy.

The brand mark had left my arm. It had disappeared. Today I was going to cover the place it with a tattoo though. Liam said he could do it. He did one for Cole. He said he was okay with making me one too.

I smile as I head downstairs. Cole had taken both of the kids out to the park to play with the others. He said they needed it, especially Ashton. He was getting better at looking in the light now. He didn't start crying.

Come to my office, Cole mindlinks me.

I send an okay back and  turn left instead of heading to the living room. I walk towards the office and smell the scent of others in the room. I enter the room and see Liam, Carter, Mason, Aiden and Jason sat there waiting. They turn to look at me as Cole smiles and tells me to come in.

"Come here," Cole says from his seat. I walk towards him as he stands up and let's me sit down on his chair. Liam grins at me as I look at them.

"What's this about?" I ask as Cole sits on the arm of the chair.

"When you were gone," Mason starts off to say, "we had many leads to find you. They all came to a dead end. It was as if someone was playing with us," Mason says as he looks at them all and they all nod.

"When you told me about Jack and how he knew how to get into this territory, it got me thinking," Cole says sighing, "there's a traitor in this pack and I'm going to kick the fuck out of whoever it is." Cole growls lowly. I place my hand on his leg and he places his hand on top of it.

Where's Ashton and Bethany? I ask him through our mindlink.

They're with Scarlet. He's okay and he's happy. Bethany is going to look after him too. She's happy she's got a brother, he replied back and I nod as I turn back to everyone.

"Any suspects?" I ask them wondering if anyone had done anything suspicious.

Aiden shrugs his shoulders, muttering a no.

I think of all the attacks that have happened. The first time rogues took me, Ashley was there. She could have tied Liam and Cole to the tree too if she is that crazy. She smirked at me when I came back home.

"Ashley," I say quietly.

Liam whips up his head and looks up at me, frowning.

"Why do you think it's her?" He asks confused.

"When I got kidnapped, before I met you," I look at Carter, "she took me to the forest and then left," I explain.

"She came back to tell us," Cole mutters near me.

I sit up straighter.

"It doesn't prove its her," Liam says, "She's been here for a long time. Three years, Cole. She wouldn't do that," Liam says looking at Cole. His eyes pleads with him.

I stare at Liam who ignores us all as he talks to Cole through their mindlink.

"She's your mate," I blurt out blinking as he turns to look at me.

"Was," he mumbles as Jason and everyone whips their heads to look at him frown.

I stand up frowning.

"She broke your heart? It was her? I'm going to kill her," I scoff as I walk around the desk and head towards the wall.

"Skylar!" Cole calls out to me but I ignore him.

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