Chapter Six

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This was tiring. There was more food to cook.

“Take that to the table as well,” Hannah hands me two bowls of fruit. Huge bowls.

I take them off her, and walk out of the kitchen door. It leads straight to the dining room. It's twice the size of our dining room in the old pack but it's so much better.

I place the bowls on the table and turn around to see Aiden walking in.

Aiden. The boy I had a slight crush on and he didn't want to take me with him when he was trying to run away. I didn't see him until now. Except when he was fighting a pack member.

“Sky..” He says, a little surprised to find me here.

“Hey,” I wave awkwardly.

What am I supposed to say? Thanks for not taking me with you.

“Listen, I'm sorry? I don't know what else to say other than sorry.” He apologies sheepishly.

I shrug it off. Why bother thinking about it?

“It's alright,” I reply back and he grins.

“Friends again?” he places a hand out for me to shake. I laugh a little and shake his hand.

He grabs my hand, and pulls me closer to him, a smirk on his lips.

“How you doing babe?” He winks at me.

“I'm so over you,” I laugh, pushing him away.

“Get your fucking hands off her,” I hear a voice growl behind me. I turn around to see Cole standing there, holding the door handle tightly, his knuckles white.

Aiden let's go of me quickly, and mutters Yes Alpha.

“Come here,” Cole looks at me. An order.

When we reached the pack house, Cole had let go of my hand and walked ahead and left me all alone. He didn't say anything to me other than the fact that Liam knew I was with him. That was it. He ran away then.

Don't go. Kira says to me and I wish I didn't go. I really wish I didn't go, but Aiden is there. I'm the obedient girl.

I walk towards him and he holds my hand tightly.

He leans down, his eyes brown. Still Cole.  

“You're mine,” he whispers to me so softly that I don't think Aiden even heard it.

The sparks fly again when he tightens his hold on my hand.

“Skylar!” I hear Henry’s voice and I look behind Cole to see him running towards me with a woman behind him.

I let go of Cole’s hand who looks disappointed, and run around him towards Henry.

“Hello you,” I hug him tightly as he wraps his arms around my neck.

I love kids.

“I missed you. Are you okay?” he asks and I smile, as he lets me go.

“I'm okay. Now tell me all about you,” I say, sitting down on the floor and he sits opposite me. We ignore everyone else around us.

“It's so nice! And oh my god Skylar, I saw birds!” He gasps loudly, “They were flying in the sky so high. I wish I could touch them. And Skylar!  I'm going to go to school too! I love this Pack. I'm not in the basement anymore,” He claps his hands at me excitedly and then frowns all of a sudden.  

“But I miss mummy,” He whispers and my heart breaks for him.

“Everyone say I got a new mummy, but I don't want a new mummy. I only want one mummy,” He sighs loudly, “Oh and I went to this new house too.  I have my own room!” He claps his hands to me again, “And it's so big! Wait. Where do you sleep Skylar? Not in the basement right?” He tries to whisper quietly but he's not successful as I hear a quiet growl behind me.

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