Chapter Fifteen

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“You're going to be late,” I hear Scarlet say in the hallway from the kitchen.

Hannah grins at me and I roll my eyes as I shut out the moaning from Scarlet.  

“We can hear you! Stop it!” Natasha shouts as she throws a plastic cup towards the door.

I laugh as Aiden enters the kitchen and the cup hits him in the head.

“Ouch!” he rubs his head and picks up the cup from the ground, “Was that for this morning?” He mumbles and looks at Natasha who blushes and turns her back on him, as she washes the dishes.

“This morning?” Hanneh asks, as she grins at Aiden.

“Shut up,” Natasha glares at them both just as Scarlet and Carter walk inside.  

“I need a word with you,” Carter says to me. I look at him confused as he walks towards me and wraps an arm around my shoulders. “Come on. Let's get out of here,” He grins and I shrug my shoulders at Aiden’s confused look as we walk outside through the back door.

“What do you need to talk about?” I ask him, and he points to his head.

What do you need to talk about? I mindlink him.

The little girl who you think has the air element, he replies and I roll my eyes, a smile on my face.

“You mean Bethany?” I ask and he removes his arm from my shoulders.  

“Shushhhh,” he sighs dramatically, “This is a secret mission.  We have to go find her so I can see if we have a connection,” Carter grins at me and I roll my eyes, joining our arms together and directing him to the path that leads to the second pack house.

“What if you don't feel the connection?” I ask him quietly.

Carter sighs, “Then I'll have to go looking for it,” he says and I frown.

“Can I come as well?” I ask wanting to help him.

Carter grins.

“Wouldn't it be funny if we both just got up and left? Since you won't tell Alpha, we could easily come up with the cliché ‘Carter cheated on Scarlett with her best friend’,” he shakes his head, “it would be funny,” He says to me, a chuckle leaving his lips.

“I'm going to tell Cole today, about everything,” I tell him and he smiles widely.

“Really?  Well that's going to save us a lot of trouble,” He says as we come closer to the second pack house.

I see Bethany playing in the small playground next to other kids and smile.

“That's her, Bethany,” I point her out to Carter who nods as he stares at her. His eyes are green.

“I see it,” he mumbles, “She's got a lot of energy around her, but she has the power,” He whispers.

She's so small. She can't go up against the evil.

“What are we going to do?” I ask him as Bethany waves at me.

“Nothing. We don't bring her into it. I'll come up with something by tonight. I can't risk a child's life," Carter mumbles quietly to me.

"I still don't know what we're supposed to be doing," I sigh as I look up at him.

"Don't worry, I'll sort everything out," He says quietly as Aiden walks towards us.

"Hey!" Aiden grins at me and I smile back as he stops in front of us, "I didn't know this place existed," He looks at the pack house behind us and smiles at the little kids.

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