Chapter Four

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Alpha Damien pov.

It's time to go, I mindlink the guys and they nod, letting me know that they understand.

Time to go home.

Keeping my senses open, I don't hear anyone around us. The pack is quiet, since it is morning. Everyone is asleep.

The guys follow me, and we head behind trees and shift into our wolves. My wolf stands proudly along with the other wolves.

Let's go baby! Alex shouts in my head as I give him control. I sit back and enjoy the run home.

Being an Alpha came with great responsibility. Sometimes it was hard, other times it was like eating a good piece of chocolate cake. Easy.

Running through the forest with a few of my pack members was nice. It was late in the morning for my pack, since it was 10am. We've been here since 4am. As an Alpha you have to protect your pack, whatever it takes, your pack comes first. I learnt that the hard way.

Alpha, what are we going to do with the information? Josh mindlinks me.

What we always do. Get rid of it, I reply back and from the corner of my eye I see his wolf nod to himself.

I have no interest in waking up at 4am to bring my pack out here into forest with me just to have a stroll. No. I was out here because some stupid fucker told me rogues were planning to attack my pack. Rather than letting them come to me, I went to them.

Seeing a rogue pack is a little strange around here. Some rogues have tried to be in packs and have Alphas but it's never worked. The loss of a mate, or being exiled from their Pack, makes them go crazy. So running a pack isn't going to be easy. It's why I got rid of them.

A few hours of playing was needed for my pack members.

While Liam took care of the Crystal Pack, I took care of this rogue problem. I knew Liam could take on Crystal Pack without my help. He did.

A few of my good rogue friends told me that Alpha Jack was planning to attack my pack. I laughed it off. It was ridiculous. That asshole couldn't even beat a child from my pack, let alone the whole pack. We were The Blood Moon Pack. Nobody got through the border without me knowing. Nobody left the border without me knowing. The Blood Moon Pack was the strongest pack around the world. A weak ass Alpha wasn't going to change that anytime soon.

Everyone has got their ranks. Honey, when are you coming home? I've got fooooood, Liam sings in my mind and I roll my eyes, showing him an image of my middle finger.

Suck on that, I reply back to him.

Gladly, he chuckles back, but on a serious note, when are you coming back home? I'm tired and I need to sleep, he asks again.

I'll be there in two hours, I reply back and run faster.

Let's go home.


I pull my shorts on, as I step into the Pack House.

Walk faster asshole, Alex mutters in my mind and I roll my eyes at him. He's been on edge ever since we stepped inside our territory.

I walk towards my office. The closer I get, the slower my steps are. This amazing beautiful smell hits me with one shot. I breathe in the lavender smell with a mixture of coconut. Jesus fucking Christ.

I look around to see where this smell is coming from when I feel it. The closer she gets, the faster my heart beats. Fucking pussy.

In front of me stands a fucking beautiful girl. Woman. Lady. She's a fucking lady. My eyes trail across her body slowly, taking in every inch. She's a hot lady. And she's all mine.

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