Chapter Eighteen

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Cole's pov.

Cole! There's something wrong here!

I stop in my tracks near the pack house and turn around running back to the second pack house.

I run as quickly as I can and I hear a few people run after me. I see Bethany running and crying with a plate in her hand and men chasing her.

I growl as I run faster and shift into mid air, and bite one of the men in the neck pulling his head apart.

I land onto my paws and shake out my black fur as I bite the other man in his leg. I hear growls behind me before my pack shifts as men appear from the forest.

Liam! Get your ass here! I need to find Skylar. I mindlink him quickly as I rip the head off another man.

The temperature drops and I feel my fur getting soaked by the rain.

Bethany is like me. She has the power to control the air, the sky, the weather. She's going to be powerful. We have to help her and teach her.

Skylar's words float in my mind as the rain hits everyone hard in the back. I rip the head off another rogue as my pack attacks more wolves.

I try to pick up Bethany's scent. Need to calm her down. I can't get rid of Skylar's scent.

Left. Alex growls in my mind and I run faster ignoring the rain and the dark clouds above us. I shift near a tree and pull on a pair of shorts that we have hidden in the holes of the tree trucks.

I hear Bethany cry inside the second pack house as I run inside. She looks up and away from May who's trying to stop her from crying.

"I don't know what's wrong with her, Alpha. She's freezing," May says in fear.

I kneel down and open my arms and Bethany runs to me quickly. She wraps her hands around my neck and I try not to curse. She's as cold as ice.

"Hot bath. Quickly," I order May and she runs out the kitchen as Bethany carries on crying.

"C...Cold," Bethany shivers against me crying more.

"It's going to be okay. Deep breaths," I tell her as she cries louder.

Shit shit shit.

I try to remember the book I read from my locked library. It was a library I still had to show to Skylar. When she had told me about adopting Bethany and how they both had powers, I wanted to know everything about it. I didn't want to be clueless. Ever.

I learnt everything about all the elements.

Carter! Get your ass here! I mindlink him quickly.

Yes Alpha. He replies back as I try to pull Bethany away from me but she holds on tightly. I lift her up into my arms and walk upstairs ignoring men and women gasping at me.

Bethany tightens her hands around my neck as I run upstairs and May opens a door. I walk towards her and into the bathroom. I place Bethany inside the hot water and she sighs a little before she starts shivering again.

The rain hits the ground harder. Louder.

"What are we going to do, Alpha?" May asks worriedly.

Skylar Skylar Skylar Skylar.

I calm my racing heart down and look at Bethany again.

"I need you to calm down. That's an order from your Alpha. Do you understand me?" I ask in a stern voice.

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