Chapter Twenty Three

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Cole and I walk silently back to our territory. I couldn't shift because I was feeling too weak from using my powers too soon. Kira was resting.

Cole said it would take hours to get home and I was okay with walking with him. We had been walking for hours. Ashton kept quiet for awhile until he started to cry.

"Shush," I try to quieten him down but he cries louder.

"I've kind of gotten good with kids lately. I think Bethany loves me more now. Give me a try?" Cole says his first words to me in hours.

He didn't talk to me. He just wrapped an arm around me and kept safe next to him. It kept me calm. He didn't ask me who Ashton was or who his mother was. He didn't ask me anything. Just held me as we walked ahead of everyone.

"Please don't hurt him," I whisper as I hand him over. Cole frowns a little at me as he picks up Ashton.

He still cries.

"I won't hurt him," He smiles me softly and I nod and keep an eye on him as Ashton lays his head on Cole's shoulder and quietens down.

"You should see Bethany. She sleeps like a baby," Cole says to me and I nod as I look at my hands.

They seem empty. I look back up at Ashton who's smiling at Cole now.

"Is Bethany okay?" I ask him quietly.

"She's going to be really happy to see you. We've been flooded for nearly a week now. You were right, baby," He grins down at me, "She's powerful," He says and I smile back at him a little.

My hands feel empty. Light.

"Can I have him back now," I say and he nods as he hands me Ashton back.

"What's his name?" Cole asks as Ashton laughs at me.

"Ashton," I say quietly and he nods.

"You know I love you, right?" He says to me quietly and I nod, "and you can tell me anything, right?" He says his eyes glancing at Ashton and then back at me.

"He's not mine," I mumble holding Ashton closer to me.

We haven't eaten for a while. I should have bought the food with me.

"I want you to know that I would still love you if he was yours. You're my soulmate. I love you and nothing will ever change that," Cole says as he places a kiss on the side of my head as we step into out territory.

I feel the pack bond click back into place and the mindlink to every wolf open up once again.

I shut it out as we walk further down a road leading to our house.

People greet us and I smile at a few people. I notice the Barbie doll named Ashley smirk at me before she turns her head and walks away.

I ignore her as I enter the pack house.

I get tackled into a hug so quickly. Ashton gets squished in between Scarlet and I. I wrap one arm around her as she cries on my shoulder.

"I missed you so much! I was so worried!" She sobs and I nod quietly.

I want to go to sleep. The light hurts.

"Babes, let her get some rest. We can talk to her later," Carter says and I smile at him, grateful as Scarlet lets me go.

Cole turns to Liam and tells him to get everyone out of the pack house. People start to leave as Cole turns to me.

"Bethany is asleep upstairs. Why don't we go rest?" He asks and I nod to him.

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