Chapter Eleven

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Cole’s pov.  

“Where is she?!” I growl loudly to everyone.  

She's not here. She's not here. Fuck.  

“We're on it Alpha,” Zach says as he runs out of the office.  He's my top tracker.

I walked on the stage and looked for her but I couldn't find her. She wouldn't run away from me. She knows I'd chase her to the end of the world.

Looking through the window as Liam and the rest of the pack leaves the office, I see someone running through the forest.


I walk out of my office and ignore everyone staring at me and head straight for Ashley. Who's coming straight at me.

“Rogues,” she pants out and I let out a growl.

“What?” I growl out and she nods.

“I was talking to Skylar about...something when I walked off. Then I remembered I had to tell her something else as well when I saw her being taken by rogues. She wasn't fighting back. So I ran to quickly get you,” She explains.

“HOW THE FUCK DID ROGUES GET ONTO MY LAND?!” I shout loudly and everyone lowers their head to me.

“Fuck this,” I mumble and head straight to forest myself. A few of my pack members follow behind me but I ignore them.

Skylar is like a closed book. Everything about her is closed off. I can't feel her emotions, I can't hear her thoughts. I can't mindlink her. I can't do anything other than pick up her human scent. She can't hide that from me.

I'm coming for you Skylar.  


Skylar’s pov


“What's wrong with her? Shit,” One of the guys ask, stepping back.

They look at me confused, as I place my hands out, not caring who's watching me.

I'm free.

I close my eyes,  and deep from within I pull it out. All of my magic. All of my powers.

I open my eyes.

The water around the room, I can see it swirling as my eyes shine brightly. I look at the guys, and lift my hands up, and twist it, like I'm twisting a piece of cloth. The men in front of me scream for help as they choke on the water inside of their bodies. I turn my hands up and twist them again and then I drop them. The men follow my action and fall to the floor. I stand up ripping the ropes off my body.

“My name is Skylar Chance, and next time remember that when you want to kidnap me,” I smile at them sweetly.

“Who are you?” I hear someone say behind me and I turn around as the guy that ran out of the room stands next to the door.

“Skylar. A girl that can't shift,” I pout walking towards him. He steps back, as we step outside onto the grass.

I have no idea where I am, but the adrenaline inside of me speeds up.

“I'll give you a head start since I'm a little rough around the edges,” I smile at him and he runs, not looking back.

I turn around and look at the big shed that I was placed in. I walk towards it and place my hand on the wood walls.

Closing my eyes, I think about fire. I let it swirl around my hands and light up the shed.

I step back to see the shed on fire, flames burning higher and higher.

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