Marked by Aria_Blossom
Markedby Aria_Blossom
Talia Reed never met her mate. One night, she was attacked. Bitten, marked and then left alone. For years she spent thinking that she was rejected but, the pain never ca...
  • packs
  • pack
  • control
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Expiration Date Duology by MikaelaBender
Expiration Date Duologyby Mikaela Bender
The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's expired. Highest ranking: #1 in Scie...
  • romance
  • aliens
  • death
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Transgression (Ménage) ✔ by SerenityR0se
Transgression (Ménage) ✔by K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ Book 3 of The Deliverance Series Ménage--MxFxM How do you win a game when you don't know who all the players are? --⊰♥⊱-- "You can't break what's...
  • beloved
  • teenfiction
  • dominance
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Tempted Fate |18+ (Ménage) by SerenityR0se
Tempted Fate |18+ (Ménage)by K. A. Young
Book 4 of The Deliverance Series Cormac smirks and replies, "Clever man...writing our worlds while hiding his daughters away." "My dad is my dad, you make...
  • fantasy
  • teenfiction
  • vampire
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Paint Her Black | ØÑ HØĻĐ | ✏ by _LittleWolf_
Paint Her Black | ØÑ HØĻĐ | ✏by Ayla Brown
  • werewolf
  • heartbreak
  • death
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Alliance by smurfyphantom06
Allianceby smurfyphantom06
In the werewolf world daughters have one purpose to fulfill. Strengthen ties between families through marriage. This was no different for Daisy, As the Alpha's youngest...
  • werewolf
  • alpha
  • alliance
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Endgame |18+ (Ménage)✔ by SerenityR0se
Endgame |18+ (Ménage)✔by K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ Book 2 of The Deliverance Series Ménage--MxFxM --⊰♥⊱-- Code of Conduct {Cormac Arin's POV} We've seen the story through Rose's eyes and now we take a cl...
  • alpha
  • pack
  • hybrid
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The Slave That I Am | 18+✔ by SerenityR0se
The Slave That I Am | 18+✔by K. A. Young
❖A Wattpad Featured Story❖ 2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Vampire Book. 2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Series. ⁃⁃⁃❖⁃⁃⁃ "Where do you think you are going...
  • hunter
  • vampire
  • submission
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Transgression |18+| {Private Chapters}✔ by SerenityR0se
Transgression |18+| {Private K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ The private chapters for Transgression. --⊰♥⊱-- ⚠ This book has sexual content and intended for audiences 18+. Includes Rape and Incest...Read at your...
  • transgression
  • claimed
  • mate
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The Other Gilbert by Stormi_faithhope
The Other Gilbertby Faith_Hope
[GOING INTO EDITING] Allison Gilbert had a semi perfect life with her parents and sister, Elena Gilbert, and their younger brother, Jeremy Gilbert. She was the straight...
  • banshee
  • marked
  • lose
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One Night with The King by YummyLove00123
One Night with The Kingby Sarah Marie
Rose is independent and practically lives in her own world as she raises her little sister in isolation and tries to keep her world a secret from outside eyes. What hap...
  • moon
  • wolfpack
  • wolf
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ALPHA by Timmer_Masih
ALPHAby Spider-Woman
*EDITING* An Alpha King A Human Girl Alpha King Luca Mason, 23, known to be the greatest Alpha of all time. The only thing is he has no one. He has become lonely. Luca...
  • marked
  • queen
  • werewolf
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The Alpha Female by JustAnotherNerdyNoob
The Alpha Femaleby Noob
"An angel will rise, Her fur is as white as snow, Yet her life is as black as the night sky, Revenge is what she seek, On the night of the third Blood Moon, She'll...
  • pain
  • luna
  • abuse
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Ascension of the Hunters | 18+ by SerenityR0se
Ascension of the Hunters | 18+by K. A. Young
The Blood Magic Series |Book 3| 2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Series. ⁃⁃⁃❖⁃⁃⁃ Orion has silently sat in the shadows, watching the centuries go by as he built an un...
  • vampirehunter
  • bloodmagic
  • fiction
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Alpha Cole Hunter(editing) by HSoules
Alpha Cole Hunter(editing)by Halsey
Ava was the daughter of one of the most powerful alphas in the mountains. She belonged to the Bloodmoon pack and her father Chris Shige was Alpha. She has always been s...
  • werewolves
  • wolves
  • beta
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Little Angels X by DanTheWereWitch
Little Angels Xby DanTheWereWitch
  • alpha
  • mary
  • marked
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Rosemary by LittleWeirdPersons
Rosemaryby Lova
[In a little town just off of the kingdom of Loits , a women laid in. Her hand gripped tightly onto a young man that stood next to her. Beads of sweat tricked down from...
  • fansty
  • themarked
  • femaleprotagonists
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Fallen by blessissna
Fallenby deep reader
A forbidden love. A love so pure. A love story which was meant to be but it seemed that fate had plans for them. What would they do when the fate does not agree. L...
  • marked
Glitches in My Code by Pandisis123871
Glitches in My Codeby ItsAWildKhali!
This is mostly short stories that I come up with. There might be random stuff that I've come up with over time, stuff I came up with on a whim, stuff based off of Pinter...
  • short
  • midnight
  • whoknows
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The Rest of Us (13) by mRoseGoldsmith
The Rest of Us (13)by RoseGold
England has been overtaken by "the marked" Don't let them get you. Don't take the mark. If they catch you and you're unmarked they'll torture you till you take...
  • dystopia
  • newadult
  • when-breathing-gets-you-killed
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