The Four - Book 1 by gracey_liz
The Four - Book 1by gracey_liz
-"You're special, fire boy," the man grins, "you and the others are just getting started." - Fire. Earth. Water. Air. It's 2890. In the US, eve...
  • dystopian
  • water
  • dystopia
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Aether Academy by ClumsySaya
Aether Academyby Saya
Aria- those who have the affinity for the element of air. Erde- those who have the affinity for the element of earth. Hudōr-those who have the affinity for the element...
  • teenfiction
  • wars
  • quest
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Territorial Men 1: Colton Altaraza by MsGrainne
Territorial Men 1: Colton Altarazaby MsGrainne
WARNING: Mature Content | SPG | R-18 | SYNOPSIS: Pride of Philippine Navy SEAL-Colton Altaraza is known for being beast in underwater swimming. On his last mission befor...
  • hero
  • gun
  • kiss
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Chase Me Alpha by glitter_xox
Chase Me Alphaby Farrah
Book one of the Alpha Series! [Before you read this book, just know this isn't like your average werewolf book. The main character isn't a werewolf and because of this...
  • kidnap
  • rouges
  • air
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Good and Evil || An ATLA Fanfiction by MissPrima
Good and Evil || An ATLA Fanfictionby E
"I won't let your view of my country define your view of me" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some may say her royal title is a blessing. Others say it is a curse. All Azara w...
  • air
  • water
  • toph
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Uncontrollable by XxRiah916Xx
Uncontrollableby ˗ˏˋI PURPLE YOUˎˊ˗
Ten years ago, a gruesome event took place in the home of sixteen-year-old Scarlett Wright. Her home used to be filled with laughter and excitement, now it's clouded wit...
  • the2017awards
  • fire
  • humor
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The Elementalists by SydCarv
The Elementalistsby Sydney Carvahall
:❤: Highest Ranked #108 in ROMANCE :❤: :🔥: Highest Ranked #1 in 'elements':🔥: Fiera has lived in the human realm her entire life. Her destiny as clear to her as it cou...
  • orphan
  • secretidentity
  • water
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Under the Cherry Blossom ↠ Zuko x OC ✔️ by SparklyWaffle
Under the Cherry Blossom ↠ Zuko anna
Arlington and her pet dog, Peanut, miraculously end up in the World of Avatar in search for her mother. Through her journey she meets a certain Banished Prince of the...
  • love
  • earth
  • water
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Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Airbender) by FinlessShark
Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Thresher
Kumo was abandoned as a baby, left for the water tribe of the north. With white hair like a spirits and ice coloured eyes that pierced peoples' souls, She was an outcast...
  • aang
  • benders
  • katara
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MADEby + Ash +
Mari's life is turned upside down when she is left nearly dead in a parking lot by someone who she thought loved her. It was a miracle she lived until the next morning w...
  • mermaid
  • elements
  • prophecy
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The Fifth Element by wewa_daa_awesome
The Fifth Elementby CraZy CaT laDY
There is four elements known to mankind, Venti, Terra, Agua, and Fuego. Meaning, air, earth, water and fire. The four aspects of nature. But humanity has forgotten the f...
  • wolves
  • magic
  • elements
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Avatar the last Airbender: Zuko x reader by claudiagon13
Avatar the last Airbender: Zuko claudiagon13
Kusaki and Zukos love adventure! Hope you like!
  • legend
  • avatarthelastairbwnder
  • air
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The Elements by The_cookies_lover
The Elementsby The_cookies_lover
Meet Shadow Renoir. She is a 16 years old weirdo. She is what you call the school loner. Everybody hates her for a reason but they don't care enough to tell her why. The...
  • lighting
  • good
  • supernatural
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Golden Eyes by Kimberlyn25
Golden Eyesby Kimberly
Alice is just a normal girl. Except for the fact that she's a Chrangel. Not only that, but she's the odd one out. Chrangels are supernatural beings with special powers...
  • air
  • action
  • trustmeyouwilllikeit
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The lost princess by nicolett_74
The lost princessby nicolett_74
Brooklyn is a senior at Ridgewood High. She lives a normal teenage life but what she doesn't know is that she isn't even close to normal. What happens when 2 new mysteri...
  • fantasy
  • earth
  • fourelements
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Two Avatars? | Aang  by tim-nam
Two Avatars? | Aang by 유기
One day when the world was most in need, there will be two saviours. And those saviours just happen to be connected in a very strong way~ *under major enjoying, sorry fo...
  • nation
  • fire
  • water
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A Time of Change {ATLA & LOK} by QueeniePK
A Time of Change {ATLA & LOK}by ?Queenie P.-K.?
What if Aang and Katara had another child, a girl named Talia. Talia is a non bender... Or so they all thought. But when the time comes it is revealed and she has a gift...
  • wattpride
  • wattys2018
  • avatar
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Air Force by LaurenABlack
Air Forceby I'm the Mad Hatter
First, there was Truth or Dare. Then there was the Joy Squad. And Now, there's the Air Force. Personal army dedicated to my oc, Air.
  • air
  • army
  • wof
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Why me? (boyxboy) by Dalton159
Why me? (boyxboy)by Dalton159
Eros is a normal kid. Well actually normal is a relative term. Eros is a spellcaster or just caster. He isn't just any caster but he is a lighting caster which haven't b...
  • griffin
  • lighting
  • shifting
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Academy For Elementals by Clarissa-Chase
Academy For Elementalsby Bethany
everything in her life was normal, well as normal as an elementals life like Juliette's can be. however thing turn interesting when she goes to an academy for people lik...
  • love
  • relationships
  • elemental
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