Chapter Thirteen

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A groan leaves my lips as I stretch on my bed. The room is empty as I smile remembering yesterday. Cole was sweet with me.

I wanted to tell him everything, yet I couldn't. I didn't want him to see me as anything different. His first reaction to me being an Omega was different than what I had expected. Maybe he would not want me if I told him what I was.

A knock on the door stops my mind from running ahead with my thoughts.

“Yes?” I call out and sit up in bed. The door opens and Carter steps inside.  

“Morning Miss-I-Don’t-Want-To-Fight-Because-I-Will-Kick-Your-Ass-But-Take-Me-On-A-Date-And-I-Will-Be-Very-Lovey-Dovey,” Carter says shaking his head at me.

“That is very long,” I reply back making him smirk.

“That's what she said,”

“Why are you here so early, Carter?” I ask, frowning at him.

It's only seven am.

“I got out of a warm bed, left my sexy mate on it, and came here,” Carter glares at me and crosses his arms.

“Get to the point, Carter,” I climb out of the bed and stand up.

“I want to train today. I haven't trained in so many months,” he groans and I laugh.

“Fine. Let me get dressed quickly. Wait outside,” I tell him and he nods and closes the door behind him.

I walk into the closet that I share with Hannah and pick out a pair of black leggings and a mint green sports bra. I need to go shopping because I didn't buy much last time. I need a few more clothes.

I walk to the bathroom and quickly get changed and brush my teeth. I can have a shower later after I come back. Picking up my dirty clothes, I throw them in the laundry basket and grin as they land perfectly inside. I walk out of the bedroom and see Carter standing there waiting for me.

“I want to go somewhere far away though,” I tell him and he nods and points to his temple.

Do you know any places far away? I can try to bend some trees so they cover us? Carter says through the mindlink as we step out into the bright sun. It's only seven in the morning but the sun is wide awake.

You can bend trees? I ask a little surprised as we continue to head on the path to the forest. Cole’s territory is really big. I would get lost if he had not decided to show me around yesterday. We ate our food, and then walked and talked about everything.  It was good. I didn't tell him about Alpha Jack or my powers. We never really got to the deep stuff. It was all happy stuff. He wanted to know if I would ever have kids. I said yes and he grinned and said if we should start making them now. I was scared of giving birth. I said no.

I knew Alex was dying inside.  

I can try, Carter replies back and I nod.

We silently walk further and further into the forest. When it was clear that no one would disturb us this far out, I told Carter to stop.

“I've never trained with anyone,” I say and he nods to himself.

“When you lit the shed on fire, how did you do it?” He asks and I smile.

“I practiced by myself. Every night as soon as I would go to bed, I would sit in my room and practice how to use the fire element,” I say to him as I place my hand out in front of me and let the fire swirling inside of my arm appear in my palm. “I remember waking up one day and just not knowing what was happening to me. I was burning, I felt like I was burning. I had ran outside and nearly burnt the full forest down. That's when I knew they were being activated. The powers inside of me,” I explain and Carter listens quietly looking fascinated by the fire dancing in my palm.

“Can you use the waster one?” He asks and I lift up my other arm. I open my fist and let myself feel the water around me. From the trees, from a small river a few feet away from us. The water circles around in my hand.

“You've mastered them,” he whispers proudly and I grin at him.

“It has taken me nearly five years to master them. What about you? Let me see some magic,” I say and he grins, bouncing on his feet.

“You're going to be surprised,” He winks and I laugh as he stands up straight.

I stare at him as he stares back at me. He glares. I look at him confused.

“Carter?” I call out his name but he carries on glaring at me.

“I am going to kill you!” He growls and I take a step back as he steps closer.

“Are you possessed?” I ask crossing my arms as he frowns at me.

“No. Darling, it's all in the act,” He rolls his eyes, “I pretend to kill you, you get distracted and then boom,” He explains, twirling a finger around his fist.

I feel the grass grow around me, and twirl around my legs. They grow higher and higher. I try to pull myself out of it, but the roots from the closest tree, pull me back against the trunk.

“Carter!” I shout as he laughs at my helpless body.

“You weren't thinking about what I could do, were you? I feel pretty wounded that you think I would kill you,” He pretends to gasp and I roll my eyes as the grass disappears from my arms and lowers itself back into the ground.

“I need to learn that act,” I say smiling at him.


I pant as I let my thoughts wander to the river a few feet away from us. I pull on the strings in my mind and I watch as the water twirls behind his back, coming closer and closer. Carter turns around and places his arms up, the grass growing around him quickly, just as the water hits the grass around him.

The grass absorbs the water and disappears once every drop has gone.

“I don't know if I should say you're an angel or a devil,” Carter mutters shaking out the few drops of water that fell on his hair.

“Why?” I ask confused.

“You just drained out a river, where there could possibly be fish, but then you watered the grass,” He chuckles and I burst out laughing with him.

“You're so stupid,” I laugh and he shakes his head at me.

“No I'm not. I'm thinking about the fish,” He chuckles and runs a hand through his hair.

All of a sudden he freezes as he stares behind me. I turn around to see Scarlet standing there, her eyes wide as she stares at us.

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