Chapter Two

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My body is wide awake, waiting for him to come through the door. It's two am and there's no sign of him. I'm worried.

All of a sudden, causing me to jump slightly, the door opens slowly. Quietly.

Alpha Jack. He's 28 years old. I watch as a smirk is placed on his lips as he sees me waiting for him. Not waiting. Hoping that he'll leave me alone tonight. Alpha Jack would be a handsome guy, if only his personality wasn't the worst. His blonde hair shines in the light that I left on. It was always his request.  Leave the light on so I know you're waiting for me. His blue eyes trail over my body slowly, taking their time at certain places. I know he always looks at me like he's going to try it with me. He won't. He's always come so close to touching me in those places, and then he backs off like he knows he's not allowed. There's always something stopping him and I'm grateful for that.

“Come on.” he says and I nod looking down at my hands. Never look an Alpha in the eyes.

I stand up and follow him down the stairs. Everyone is in their rooms. It's the curfew here. Everyone should be in their rooms before 12am. If anyone is spotted after 12am, well there's never been anyone to dare step outside their room.

I follow Alpha Jack towards the basement where the pack keeps their prisoners. I walk past them quietly, feeling their eyes on my body. I look down.

Going to the end cell, Alpha Jack opens the door and waits for me to step inside. There's no guards waiting next to the cells. He always tells them to leave because he does his own checks around the cells at 2am. Me. No one would dare to say no to the Alpha.

I step inside the cell, and he follows behind me as I walk to the chains. I stay standing up, as he wraps the chains around my wrists. He tightens them, and locks them on. Silver chains. There's no moving me from here.

“Such an obedient little wolf...or are you a wolf?” he whispers into my ear, his nose trailing down towards my neck. I lift my shoulder up so he can't go anywhere near my neck.

Alpha Jack doesn't have a mate. He's never found one. It's why he likes to play with the girls here. Everyone throws themselves on him, and he takes them with open arms.

Mates. Would my mate ever want me, knowing that he will only know half of me? There's no place for a mate in my life. He wouldn't want me anyway.

“Just be a quiet little girl, and this will be easy.” he grins at me.

I look down and nod.

I see him walking away, and out of the cell. He leaves to get his special whip that's just for me.

After a few seconds when I hear the basement door close, I let out a sigh.

“Sky!” I hear Henry’s voice and a smile finds a place on my face.

“Hey guys,” I reply back, though I can't see them from the dark. A week after I shifted, was the first time Alpha Jack brought me here. That's how I've met the other people here. Alpha Jack always leave for three minutes exactly and in those three minutes, I've gotten to know the other people here in the cells.

“Mummy asks how are you?” Henry says loudly from the far end of the basement. I know Henry is a five year old who was brought to the cells because of his family. Apparently his family had betrayed the Alpha and he killed his dad but his mum is alive. She can't speak though. Henry was locked up with them. He grew up in the cells.

“Yeah how are you?” Aiden asks and I blush a little. Aiden. He was brought here because he had killed a pack member. Aiden is 23 years old and he's been here since he was 18. Five years and he gets hotter day by day. Every time I walk through the basement, my eyes always finds his green ones. He's always smirking at me, and he winks too. At me.

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