Chapter Twenty Five

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Cole starts mindlinking everyone.

Get to the safe house as quickly as you can. The rest, form lines of ten. As quickly as you can. Skylar and I will hold the lines.

He sends the order to every pack member and I hear them all reply with an Yes Alpha.

"You're staying with me," Cole mumbles as he places a kiss on my lips and winks at me.

"Want to show your magic to me?" He asks and I nod as he grins.

"Light up the world, baby," he says as we face the forest. I can hear the rogues running towards us as I feel Liam take a place behind us along with Carter.

Bethany and Ashton are safe. Scarlet mindlinks me and I reply back with a thank you.

I feel Carter stand near me as I see the grass growing around the pack house.

"This will give us time until everyone gets here," Carter says to Cole who nods.

Cole turns to Liam as pack members reach us. Some as wolves and others by running.

"Leave their Alpha to me," Cole orders them and they all nod as they form lines behind us.

"Take it down," I say to Carter who nods and we watch the grass disappear around the pack house.

Rogues growl at us. Cole growls back and our pack follows them as the rogues run towards us in their wolf form.

Stay close. Cole says in my mind before he shifts in front of me into Alex. His big black wolf runs forward and attack the rogues. He rips a head off as pack members run into the fight.

"Who are we looking for?" Carter asks me as Liam and others shift and jump into the fight as more rogues run towards us.

"Jack. He's going to try and go for Bethany. I'm protecting the safe house," I say to him and he nods as I notice a man running towards us but being dragged back by the roots of a tree.

"I'll be right behind you," he says and I nod as I run and head towards the safe house.

Wolves run towards me but I thrust my hand out and watch as they burn and howl in pain. I get to the safe house and notice the guards fighting to protect it. It's joined to the pack house. Two doors leading to the entrances and exits. One from the pack house and one outside where the wolves are getting killed.

I push my hand out and think of my flame burning the rogues who rip the heads off my pack members.

I hear a chuckle float through the air and I frown as the rogues burn and Jack walks towards me with rogues behind him.

"We meet again, but I'm not here for you," He smirks at me as he walks closer to me. He stops a few feet away with rogues around him in wolf form.

"I'm here for your sweet little adopted daughter," he winks and I shake my head.

"I'm not letting you get to her," I say and he chuckles at me.

"Do you know why I killed Sarah? Do you know why I killed her mate? Her full bloodline?" He asks me and I frown, confusion clear on my face, "She's got magic inside of her. Her full bloodline does. You know who I killed before I killed Sarah? Bethany's parents. The Alphas of Sarah's pack that had ran to protect their daughter leaving behind their pack to me. I killed them all to get to Bethany and you can't stop me. No one has power as strong as her from her bloodline," he explains.

"I tried to take the power out of her full bloodline. It didn't work because they have very less of it. You can't stop me, Skylar. I will kill her and the baby. The power will be mine," He growls loudly at me as I tighten my fists and let the flames dance at my fingertips.

"You want to play a little rough?" He asks a smirk on his face.

Behind you! Kira shouts in my head just as I spin around before a wolf can bite me in the neck. I dodge the bite to the neck but feel the pain as his teeth tighten around my arm.

I scream out in pain as blood drips to the floor and I let the flames light up his body. He howls in pain as he lets go of my arm. Before I can move away or look at my arm, a rogue bites me onto my leg.

Let me shift! Kira roars in my mind but I push her to the back.

I can't shift into her because then I won't be able to use my powers. Too many rogues can kill me if I can't use them.

I fist my hands tighter and let the wolf choke on the water inside of his body.

"I can play all night, Skylar," Jack chuckles from somewhere as two wolves run towards me. Before they can reach me, I watch them light up into flames.

"I wonder how she'll taste once I have her blood inside of me," Jack groans a little from somewhere as a man runs towards me with a knife in his hand. I dodge the knife as he tries to stab it into me and kick him where the sun doesn't shine. He drops to the floor and I let my flames burn him as well.

"Ravishing if her taste is anything like her mother's." Jack fakes a moan and I thrust my hand out to the place he's standing, near the tree, and let it burn. He dodges with inhuman speed.

"I told you, you can't stop me," he grins at me as I scream and let the flames out of me. It burns my skin as I let the flames hit the one spot I saw Jack at. He doesn't stand there anymore.

I feel two wolves bite me in my legs as I scream and fall to the floor.

"You're always going to be weak, Skylar. I hope she screams as lovely as you do," Jack says as he walks towards me.

I feel a knife at my throat as a naked man kneels above me.

Cole! I call out his name.

"Don't try to play smart. One flame and I kill you with me," the man growls to me getting closer to my ear.

"Your mate won't be coming. He's preoccupied with a few of my friends," Jack says as he walks around me and towards the safe house.

"Take me instead!" I say to him and he stops above me.

"Hmm," he thinks to himself. He squats down near me as he pulls out his hand from his pocket.

"I don't need you anymore," he sprinkles something onto my lips and I cough as I try to lean up but the knife pokes into my neck. I cough louder as I feel the life slowly fade from my body.

Blugasm. Kira mumbles quietly in a distance. Too far away.

"The last drop of blugasm left in the world. A bit dramatic of me to take your screaming daughter in front of you while you can't do anything," He smirks as he stands up straighter and fixes his black jacket. "I like being dramatic," he shrugs his shoulders as he and the naked man move away from my paralysed body.

I can't open my mouth as he gets closer to the safe house. Tears fall down my face as they feel heavy.

You're p Kira disappears in my mind as my eyes close slowly.

I hear shouting and I open my eyes as much as I can to see Cole ripping off Jack's head.

I close my eyes and let the darkness take over me, knowing Bethany and Ashton are safe now.

I love the cover of this book.

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